Tips to pass your Driving test

Tips to pass your Driving test – Become a Pro

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2 years ago I started my adventure to learn how to drive. Being older it was harder to learn and become confident with driving. When you grow up with the mindset that you are a bad driver it is hard to get that out of your head and become confident. I started my lessons and driving wasn’t anything like I expected. I thought I’d have to be constantly moving the wheels. it was shocking to realize that you just have to look straight where you want to go and the wheel would move as your eyes would guide your hand. From my experience I bring to you Tips to pass your Driving Test!

Tips to pass your Driving test

Choosing an instructor

Get a driving instructor from a reference. Some instructors will just take you on straight roads or not guide you properly. So read reviews or go with someone you know has been used before. You need at least 10 hours of driving lessons but drive on your own as well.

Let your driving instructor know what you are not comfortable with so you can focus on that.

Finding someone who is calm

You want to not only learn the rules but become confident with driving. Choose a family member or friend who is patient and won’t scream at you. If the person sitting with you is doubting your skills throughout it is going to make you doubt yourself. You want to get practice but not at the expense of your confidence. Drive with this person when you aren’t taking lessons. The more you practice the better you will become

Get as much practice as possible. I went every day for 30 minutes to try everything out. This will make you more comfortable at the wheel and ready for test day. You want everything to come to you naturally so when you get stressed on the test day you can handle it.


Stop when there are stop signs and red lights. No one is in a hurry. So take your time with these things. Your examiner doesn’t expect you to go if you are turning right on a right turn and there are coming. So stop, creep forward, and stay there until you are comfortable with going. On my test day, cars were honking behind me on a red light right turn I stopped, crept, and just stayed there. (if you stay stopped and don’t creep forward the driving examiner will say you were obstructing traffic but stay at the crept up position that is okay) Those guys can’t see the cars coming they have no idea what’s happening on the road. After the test, the examiner told me I did the right thing and the cars were coming too fast. The examiner will appreciate your patience.

The same with parking you don’t need to do everything fast. Look around, observe and take it step by step.

Be patient with yourself as well you will get there, I promise you!

Fake it till you make it

Not feeling confident? Act confident! The driving examiner is putting their life in your hands they want you to feel confident. If you seem unconfident they can sense it. So act like you are even when you aren’t

Understanding the rules

Learning the rules comes with practice as well. Make sure you know how to behave on a stop sign, all-way stop sign, traffic lights, and more. Ask your instructor questions if you are confused they will put in the effort to explain it. I didn’t understand how the road worked at all until I asked.

Know which blind spots to check every time you indicate right you should be checking your right blind spots. Look at your mirrors so the examiner knows you are aware of your surrounding.

Pay attention to the road

I was just pretending I knew how to drive at first but you aren’t just learning to drive for the test you are learning to drive for real life. So make sure you are looking at the mirrors and observing the road.

Even when you aren’t driving notice the signs and other people lane changing. You will see your brain develop when it comes to driving.

You most likely won’t fail on parking

Parallel parking can be stressful to think about but its not something you are likely to fail on even if you mess up. So go in with the mindset that if it does get a bit messed up it’s okay. And continue the test like a pro if it does get messed up!

Changing your mindset

No one was born a good driver they practiced their ways to it. They watched the road and how it works from a young age. Even if you are older you can get to that point. You just have to start and put in the effort!
I failed before I succeeded and that’s okay! Effort and practice will get you that license!

Rules I learned:

  • On a left turn on a yellow light stop completely unless you have crossed the line. This is for the left turn signal arrow as well. Don’t go on the yellow unless you have crossed prior to it turning yellow.
  • If you have moved forward on a green light left turn and the light becomes yellow then you have to leave your break. If there are cars coming (and you aren’t sure they’ll slow down) leave it a little bit so the examiner notices you saw the change in light you don’t have to move yet. Make sure you are safe first and some people go on yellow lights.
  • When turning left on a stop sign. Stop for 3 seconds look both sides make sure its clear then go
  • Turning right on a left stop sing. Stop for 3 seconds look on the left side if no one is coming you can go.
  • All way stop whoever comes first goes so notice who came first. If someone starts going then stop. Safety first always!
  • Lane changing look at all 3 spots and you don’t have to change the lane if you don’t feel comfortable. You can increase your speed and go in front of the car or wait it out.

Ask your instructor every rule you want. Don’t ask people who haven’t given the test recently because what they may be doing isn’t what is expected on the test!

Read about other peoples test experience on Drivetest Reddit

Wishing you the best of luck and hope you enjoyed the tips to pass your driving test!


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