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Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle is out on Netflix! Now I hadn’t seen any of the seasons well cause it looked quite frankly after watching one episode I was like what is this.

But new season and all the hype about it I knew I had to give it a second try. There are some spoilers so only read at your own discretion

Too hot to Handle

Are the people really too hot to handle?

Now the girls are pretty good looking. They mostly all have perfect faces and bodies but on the guy side I would say the situation is pretty meh. They all have abs and muscles but face wise I would say the guys aren’t really up there and I personally don’t think they would get these girls outside this retreat. Maybe that’s why most Too Hot to Handle relationships end outside the resort.

Nathan was the only guy that I would probably consider hot if I saw him in real life walking around.

The prize is bigger

Now compared to season 1 and 2 the prize is double. They start with 200,000 dollars instead of the 100,000 dollars. But that means the penalties are bigger. Each rule break costs double the size.

The similarities between other seasons

Now because I watched all 3 seasons back to back I noticed many similarities. At least they could have tried to make the characters a bit different.

In season 1 they had this man that they all kept calling Jesus. He was very against everyone breaking the rules, didn’t find a partner, was the leader and left early. This exact man exists in season 3 as well. The only difference is he is Hawain. Still the similarity is uncanny he even has long hair like the the first guy. Was the same character written for both of them? Also makes no sense that such a player would not be willing to go for any of the girls or trying to make a move.

The boat date is always where the two people ask each other to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Like why are they waiting till that exact moment all of them. Speaking off which the dates are all the same either it’s a hot tub, chocolate fondue or the beach.

Harry Beaux

Did Harry and Beaux even need to be on Too Hot to Handle. I mean from the beginning they were a perfect couple did Lana even teach them anything or need to teach them. They both were a bit closed off and scared to share their feeling but if they just met outside and spent enough time together that would be solved. I guess the retreat gave them that opportunity as they weren’t initially attracted to each other.

If you are wondering if they are still together they are. They haven’t gone public with their relationship but they do talk every day and post cute things on each other’s Instagram. So we are assuming they are still together

Nathan and Holly

They needed the retreat to move from physical attraction to emotional attraction. Sadly, outside the retreat their love did not last. They do share a special place for each other and are still friends. Too bad that was the couple we were rooting for.


Did she deserve to even be in the final contestants. She might have become more courageous with her feelings but every time a guy told her they had feelings for her she ran away isn’t that basically complete emotional immaturity. I get Garrier wanted children and was mentioning it so early on but Stephan literally didn’t do anything to scare her away. Patrick on the other hand went over board with the song but you get over that type of thing. She could have gotten any guy on the retreat but she didn’t even try?

Everyone is saying the same thing about Georgia and it’s that she looks and sounds like Margot Robbie. There is know family relationship that has been reported. Also they think she shook things about like Francessca in the first season. Which brings me to other similarity of the having a girl kiss just for fun.

How could they have fallen for Lana going offline

They are literally being recorded on the TV show how could they fall for Lana going offline. Like if that really even happened they would still be recorded so why would that footage not be used for rule breaks. Like seriously? At least try to make it sound realistic

How do they still believe they are going to Paradise Island

The seasons of Too hot to handle were shot back to back. So, the cast didn’t all get an opportunity to see the prior season. Some of the members did know who Lana was though. But their reactions are still as fake as it can get but that’s what we watch reality tv for right the cringe factor?

All in all Too Hot to handle might kill some brain cells but it is worth it for the cringe factor!

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