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Top 10 Summer hobbies you need to try

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It is time for some fun in the sun. Get out and enjoy some summer hobbies. We have been stuck inside all winter not having a place to go because of the pandemic. Now we can step outside and be greeted with sunshine.

Find more reasons to be outside by choosing a summer hobby. We have the list of top 10 summer hobbies for you!

List of summer hobbies:


This has been my go-to since the sun started shining. You can play outside on the street (if you have a quiet neighborhood with no cards). If you have a backyard that is big enough and the shuttlecock won’t go in your neighbor’s house that is your best bet. I play in my driveway. You get portable nets that you can take to the park. I like playing without the net as I am still learning.

It is a pretty easy sport that you can learn quickly. Adults and children both can play. You don’t have to be superfit to play but it is an exercise as you have to move around.

Badminton sets are cheap and you can get the net, 4 rackets, and shuttlecocks for under 35 dollars on amazon. Check it out on Amazon.

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The shuttlecock I ordered was plastic which wasn’t as fun to play with. But my feather shuttlecock is in the mail and I can’t wait for when it arrives.


Speed away on the street with rollerblades. It is fun to glide on the road with the sun shining. You can start of by rollerblading in the parking lot and then get on the road. Don’t forget to order kneepads, helmets, elbow pads, and wrist guards. You don’t want to fall and hurt yourself.

Rollerblading is the perfect cardio and the best way to get places.


Ride along the lake or in your neighborhood. This can be a whole family activity or solo. Cycling is healthy and environmentally friendly. Don’t own a bike you can rent one.


Gardening helps you connect with the earth and you produce something beautiful. You might grow vegetables you can eat or beautiful flowers. It is an activity you enjoy in the moment and you can get a great product out of it.


Sit outside and paint. It doesn’t have to be something complicated. Buy a canvas and a few acrylic paints and start. It can be an abstract painting.


Why not try out a hike near you? You can appreciate nature along the way. Pick something with a spot at the end where you can chill and have a picnic.


Hit the beach for a friendly game of volleyball. Picking up a sport as an activity is the best way to stay fit.


Somedays in the summer it can get extra hot. Why not take a splash in the pool. On a hot day that cool water can feel amazing. Take up swimming and you can feel it every day

Water sports are the best summer hobbies

We don’t get to play on the lake all year round so why not make most of it? Buy an inflatable kayak and hit the lake. Want to try something different you can pick up paddleboarding. There are so many water sports to choose from.

Hitting up parks counts as summer hobbies

Hobbies don’t all have to be active you can have a park hopping hobby. That is my favourite just going to different parks and having picnics. My favourite parks are the ones with lake views. And yes I consider patio hopping a hobby as well. Any excuse to be in the sun

Wrap up for summer hobbies

Pick any activity or honestly do anything in the sun. We get such limited time in the sun that I have my morning routine outside as well. Just starting off with a tea in the hot sun can make your day. I even write my journal while sitting outside.

Get outside as much as possible it will energize you and make your day!


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