Top Challenges of Cloud Application Development

Top Challenges of Cloud Application Development and How to Overcome Them


Today everyone is going gaga over cloud-based applications as they offer a plethora of benefits. They help an enterprise make cost-effective plans and deploy them effectively. They offer scalable, highly responsive, secure, and budget-friendly solutions. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are the companies that managed to compete with the shifting trends of the market with the help of cloud services. According to CISCO, by 2022, the cloud will host over 94% of computing and hosting processes. The sudden rise in cloud-based technology has increased the demand for cloud-based applications, thus making cloud applications and services one of the latest trends in the application development industry. 

You can not deny the significance of cloud applications in the mobile space. However, as every coin has two sides, cloud application development also comes with its challenges. 

Challenges of Cloud Application Development and Ways to Overcome Them

Businesses are opting for cloud application development services to leverage all its exclusive benefits. However, they forget about possible drawbacks with it. The challenges vary based on the type of app developed, the features included, and the technology used. You must be aware of the issues that may arise during cloud app development and how you will deal with them.

  • Requires Internet Connectivity All Time: To access cloud services, you need an internet connection. Enterprises facing connectivity issues can face problems due to weak Wi-Fi signals and connection issues. Internet downtime not only prevents them from accessing cloud services but can also cause costly delays. 

So it is advisable to get a better internet connection before anything. Always have a backup option to be prepared for the worst situation. The common practice to speed up the content delivery is using CDN (Content Delivery Network).

  • Performance Optimization: When you do not know where your cloud server is located, you can not estimate the time of rendering UI, style sheets, and other features necessary for an awesome app experience. It may be a quick process but is long enough to take your users away.

To deal with this issue, you must use a CDN service that distributes bandwidth across several servers, thus tackling the traffic load on a cloud during peak hours. 

  • Multiple platform operability: Cloud app development can be done only on one of the available cloud platforms. However, if you want to run the app on different cloud environments, it can be challenging. 

So to get an app working on multi-cloud platforms, plan from the beginning. Set interoperability as your priority while developing your app. Ensure your data is more accessible to make software and platforms more interoperable. Adopt necessary standards in cloud computing to enjoy interoperability. 

  • Security: Cloud applications’ security does not come easy. Cloud apps are vulnerable, and security issues can be one of the biggest challenges during cloud app development.

Ask your developer to take advantage of every possible security standard. Never bypass single security practice while getting an app developed.


Cloud app development promises substantial benefits to businesses of all sizes. But, unfortunately, some companies decide to go for cloud services without knowing about the challenges associated with it. So being aware of the challenges that will come your way during cloud app development will help you understand the best measures you can take to make the most of your app development process. 

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