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Vacation wardrobe 2021 – Get ready for sunshine!


I can’t wait till my December Beach vacation where I can soak up some sun and be away from the cold. For a dream vacation you need a dream  wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean it has to hurt the bank. For an affordable and trendy vacation wardrobe it is best to hit up Shein. There are so many things on Shein you could search most things and something will come up. On top of that now they have this new feature where you can take a picture of something from another site and upload it on Shein and it will find matches. This can be done by going on the Shein search bar and clicking the camera. The results don’t always work great but they will give you some similar things.

So, though Shein has everything you need for your vacation wardrobe it can get overwhelming with the amount of choice. So, we have picked out our favourite outfits so you can choose your vacation clothes.

We have picked the trendiest, most flattering, and fun outfits there were on Shein.

As for me, I like wearing new clothes on vacation. I haven’t been anywhere in 2 years so I am even more excited which means more new clothes. I know people go on vacation and buy things but for me, I like going with new things and just feeling like a brand new person. Now Shein is the most affordable option out there. You can get a dress for 10 dollars! Have you heard of that anywhere else? So, let’s get straight to our pick

Vacation wardrobe outfits

Two-Piece combos for summer wardrobe

        Link to outfit 

This skirt and top are amazing. I got medium size the top was a bit loose but the bottom fit me which was kind of annoying. But if you wear a bikini under the top that has padding you should be good. You can also tie the top tighter. Having a two-piece outfit just makes me feel like I have it all put together

            Link to outfit 

For this outfit, the top was tighter so it fit me perfectly. I can probably just wear it with a nipple sticker. The pant length wasn’t too long so it was great for me. This combo is great for some beach lounging, roaming around town, or going for food.

   Link to outfit

This is shorts, a tube top and then a shirt. For me, the shorts in a medium-size were a bit tight but I do have thicker thighs. This outfit screams I am casual but cute. You can wear it with the tube top showing and without the tube top showing so it makes it versatile.

   Link to outfit

Two-piece same colour shorts. For this, the top can be tied or left open they both look good. It is so comfortable yet so trendy. I love this outfit. It is basic so definitely buy it. You can probably wear the top and shorts with other outfits as well.

   Link to outfit

This one is my favourite outfit I think I bought it in large. It can be worn in different ways depending on how much skin you want to show. However, you wear it you will look sexy!

Dresses for vacation wardrobe

Some fun casual dresses to cover up and roam around if you like. They can also be worn for dinner after you have cleaned up.

The Classy Look

   Link to outfit

Cas & cute

   Link to outfit

Brunch wear

   Link to outfit


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Complete your outfit with beach slippers

They are casual beach shoes that will go with any of these outfits. Add a jute bag and a hat and you are ready for vacation!

Comment below and let us know what you will be adding to your beach vacation wardrobe.

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