Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas – Make it Special


February 14th is coming close and it is time to plan for Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to be left last minute trying to rush a plan and not get any reservations because well all those people who planned in advance took them. So this year are trying to move away from just going to a restaurant and want to try something different? We have some great Valentine’s Day 2022 Date Ideas.

First, we will go through the restaurant list because well in Toronto going to a restaurant during the pandemic has become a novelty. You want to go somewhere that has a romantic vibe and good food and well these are some restaurants that give you exactly that. The Restaurants might not be opening till Monday but they are taking reservations. 

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas – Restaurants

Check out the reviews and pictures to see if the restaurant meet your vibe check because well every restaurant isn’t for everyone

Indoor Picnic

Valentine's Day Date ideas

Now let’s move on to more exciting ideas that not everyone does. It might be cold outside but you can plan something indoors. There are Instagram pages that come and set up a picnic for you indoors. It can be costly though they can put a table, decorations, and flowers. This will really show that you put in the effort to plan. Like they say go big or go home! With this year starting off on a bad note with the Omicron virus you want to do something special.

Check out picnicsinthe6ix and Peaches.n.picnics on Instagram.

Picnicsinthe6ix the OG picnic planner in the GTA. They even have DIY picnic baskets that you can prepare yourself. You can move around some furniture and have a place for a nice indoor picnic.

The Home SPA

Plan a spa night for you and your date. You can get some massage oil, a diffuser and play some light music. Give your date the whole spa feels without going to the spa. Sometimes, all someone wants after a long day is a massage. 

You can even set up a bubble bath to keep the night going and romantic. This won’t cost you much but will show that you really care with all the planning. You can even set up the place with candles and rose petals. Go all out!

Make a Meal at Home 

Valentine's Day 2022 Date Ideas

Restaurants are the usual deal but there is something amazing about someone cooking for you. It shows they care and what’s a better day than Valentine’s Day to show you care about your partner. You don’t need to make something super hard to make. Just pairing pasta and wine can go a long way. Really aren’t a chef you might want to pick up the DIY baskets from a restaurant. A picnic at home without making any food yourself is a great idea as well.

You can also cook together! Try making something new like Sushi you can get the tools on Amazon or at a Home Store.

Ice Skating 

There is nothing more romantic than holding hands and skating away with your date. Go out and have a skate and buy some hot chocolate later. You guys will definitely need to cuddle up to keep warm what better way to warm up is there than human body heat?

Snow Shoeing 

Clean white snow everywhere makes me feel like I am in a romantic movie. Why not take your date to an area where you can snowshoe. You can rent or buy snowshoes. Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you can’t go for a hike. Just make sure to wear snow pants and dress super warm. 

Learn Salsa

Looking for an activity to do but don’t want to leave the house. You can learn salsa at home with your date. Put on a Youtube video and get started. Find the video beforehand and watch it just to make sure it’s something your date will enjoy.

The Getaway

Why not getaway for the weekend. Find a cottage with a hot tub and relax all weekend with some wine. Places like blue mountain might be booked up but you can find a less busy place on Airbnb. Even though there might not be that much to do outside it’s always nice to have a chance of scenery and live somewhere different for the weekend. 

If you are more adventurous you can book some snow mobling, sledding, and skiing for the weekend. 

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Get a Hotel Downtown

Do you live uptown? This might be your chance to get a hotel room for the weekend and hit up some restaurants and bars. With the pandemic, hotel rooms have become cheaper. Check out hotels like Sheraton and One King West to get some great deals. 

Mix a few of these ideas together and you have a whole day planned of Valentine’s Day activities. You should be showing your partner you care every day but this one extra special day so go all out!

Comment below and let us know what your favourite Valentine’s Day Date ideas are.

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