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10 Best Valentine’s Day movies to watch


This Valentine’s day is going to be during lockdown for a lot of people. That doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the love we are feeling. We just have to do it indoors. What better way to do that than watching Valentine’s Day Movies. This calls for my favourite Genre – cheesy romance.

Valentine’s Day Movies


As they used to say in One Tree Hill have you been Notebooked yet? The Notebook is the perfect amount of sad and happy. It is a tear-jerker but it will also make you appreciate the person you love. Even if you have seen it before it can be watched again and again especially as a Valentine’s Day movie.

She’s All That

This movie was just recently put on Netflix. It is an old but gold romantic comedy. The nerdy girl and the cool jock become friends. This movie is super cute. If you haven’t already seen it this is a much see.

Crazy Rich Asians

There are not that many American-Asian movies out there. So this movie is unique. Nick takes back his girlfriend to Singapore to meet his rich family. Full of drama, excitement and most importantly romance this movie is a fun watch. If you have read the books it isn’t the same. It might not be as good as the books but it is still worth watching

Always be My Maybe

Find Ali Wong funny? Well, she has a movie! Watch this cute romance with Ali Wong. The movie is about a successful celebrity chef going back to her hometown and running into her childhood sweetheart who she has lost touch with.

50 first dates

Drew Barrymore has short term memory loss in the movie so every day Adam Sandler rekindles their love by having a first date. The love Adam Sandler shows in this movie is what every girl wants.

The proposal

A workaholic doesn’t have time for a relationship so she convinces her assistant to accompany her to meet the family. The rest you might be able to guess but it is still fun watching predictable movies. It is soothing.

The Other End of the line

I love movies that are Western and Eastern mixed. A call center girl in Indian talks to her client in America and they have a connection. Watch to find out what happens next!

How to Lose a Guy in 10 days

A journalist has to write a hit story on How to lose a guy in 10 days. Find out what happens by watching it. This movie is old but a must-watch.


It is my all time favourite. A love coach helps men date the women of their dreams. Will he himself find the woman he loves? Watch to find out.

To All the Boys (Always and Forever)

The third movie from To All the Boys series. This movie is coming out on Netflix on February 12th, 2021. Save it and watch it on Valentine’s Day!

Marry Me

A new movie coming out this Valentine’s Day. I love watching a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day and I can’t wait!

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Wrap Up for Valentine’s Day Movies

Valentine’s Day is the day to convince your boyfriend to watch any cheesy movie. Make it special this year by preparing some Movie Style buttery popcorn, nacho cheese, coke and candy. Don’t you just miss the cinema? Create that experience at home with Valentine’s Day Movies.

Not meeting your significant other on Valentine’s Day due to lockdown? Well, watch the movie together virtually.



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