How to make a virtual event more fun?

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In a world where we are working from home, everyone feels disconnected as there is less human interaction. It is important in this time to reach out to one another and keep that social interaction going. It is a well-known fact that social connections help keep us motivated and higher our productivity.

So the employer benefits as well from having these events. We don’t know what everyone is going through and some people live alone and are secluded. It is important to have events going to keep the morale of the team. Do not make the events mandatory just let those who want to enjoy them come along.

Everyone needs a break from just working all the time. These ideas give exactly that opportunity. So if you are part of the social committee at your work these ideas are great for planning a virtual event.

Video Scavenger Hunt

Host a call and have a list of scavenger hunt items for example fork, candle, plant, remote, towel, hat, glass, blow-dryer, hanger, etc. Whoever manages to get up from their chair and get the item first gets a point. You can have a list of 15 items. Make everyone shut their video and put it on whenever they have the item. You can then see who got the item first and puts on their video. At the end whoever has the most points win.

Guess the song

Play 15 seconds of a song and make everyone guess it. They can either raise their hand and say the answer or type it on the chat. Whoever either raises their hand first or types their answer first wins. Make them type the song name and artist. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

Mocktails/Cocktails recipe hour for a virtual event

Have someone give a presentation on cocktails or mocktails. This can include recipes for pina colada, milkshakes, long island iced tea, margaritas and daiquiri. The person hosting can in their kitchen demonstrate how to make these drinks. The other people can follow along or just watch. If mocktails/cocktails don’t interest you instead someone can show a food recipe. This will allow the employees to learn something interesting and get a break.

Scavenger hunt list

Create a scavenger hunt for about 50 items. Give the people a few days to complete it. They should take pictures of all the items. Make sure they have a token in each picture to prove that they took a picture. They can virtually pair up with a co-worker.

Trivia hour or Jeopardy

Plan a Jeopardy event and invite everyone. Have prizes at the end so people have more fun. A good challenge always keeps everyone entertained. You can even make it about the co-workers so everyone can get to know each other better. This works well if the team is new and hasn’t gotten to know each other because of the current environment.

TikTok/Reel challenge

Ask all your team members to submit a TikTok. Choose a song that you want the TikTok made on, so everyone has the same song they make videos on. Tell everyone to get creative and include their family members. The best TikTok wins. Young, old, middle ages everyone has gotten onto the TikTok craze.

Virtual dance-off

Have a virtual dance competition. Put on a song and whoever stands up and presents the best moves wins. See if people are willing to participate before. You don’t want to end up with just camera shy folks. In the end, just have everyone dancing to some fun songs. Make sure to pick songs from the 70s, 80s, 90 and current to make everyone feel included. Who said you can’t have a virtual dance party?


It might sound like an old ladies’ game but trust me everyone is competitive and loves some Bingo. Send out the number sheet in advance and then just either send the numbers by email or have a video chat with everyone listening to the numbers. You can be playing word bingo or number bingo.

Two truths and a lie

That’s the usual icebreaker at most events but make it more fun by letting everyone ask questions regarding the lie and truth. That way they can help better determine whether it’s a lie or not. This is a great way for a new team to get to know each other virtually.

Wrap up

Whatever activity you pick get some prizes to go with the virtual event. This will make your employees feel even more appreciated. Have 2 to 3 people be the host of the game so they can keep tabs on the scores. These are all easy to plan events.

Combine a few if you want one virtual event that lasts an hour or two. Everyone deserves a little break and you will be providing just that! I promise you if you host any of these events you will be getting a lot of appreciation. You will be making your work place better!


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