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Is it weird that watching Hype House a reality TV show made me appreciate my life more and be grateful? Let me explain what Hype House is and why it changed the way I think for the better.

Hype House is basically a group of Tiktokers or Social media who start living in one house together. Sounds like a 20-year-olds dream right? Well, it doesn’t come without some complications.

Thomas is one of the founding members of the Hype House. He is responsible for paying the rent and making sure the Hypehouse business is doing well. The house these guys live in is rent-free as  the Hype House funds managed by Thomas pay for it. So these kids or let’s call them young adults to be fair have millions of followers, millions of dollars, and live rent-free. Now in my past life, I would have thought this a dream. Some of them are only 18 and have achieved so much.

Does Money buy happiness?

I mean I always knew money didn’t buy happiness but Hype House made me realize it sure it hell doesn’t. These guys seem to be complaining and partially depressed. All of them had hard lives before but even though their lives are easier now they have still come with a lot of baggage which makes it make sense that they have emotional problems. Everyone feels sad sometimes and that’s normal but these guys seemed a bit too sad (was it just for the show cause everyone wants to watch drama or is this their real life I have no idea because I didn’t follow any of the Hype house members before watching this show). I think it is because I am a millennial and these people’s clientele is mostly Gen Z with a few millennials.

You see some of them having crazy toys gadgets and doing stunts all day but they are stressed about their views dropping. Imagine having to keep worrying that you will be outdated. Trying to, again and again, increase views thinking about it is making me anxious so if I actually had to do that for a living it would be intense.

Being cancelled

All these young stars have one thought on their mind will they be cancelled. In one day they can lose everything. We have made cancel culture so prominent that whether someone is right or wrong we judge first and look at the evidence later. In one flick of a second, we change someone’s career and life. Now of course there are people that are sexual predators, assaulters, and rapers that deserve this stuff. But we have started acting first and some people actually turn out to be innocent. So, should we be making all these fast judgments without evidence? I mean I don’t know what better way there is to make a judgment but the current way is not working.

I mean there should be accountability for these people or anyone for that matter. But who should be holding them accountable it should definitely not be the mob mentality or keyboard warrior (I say while typing like a warrior on my keyboard).

Always worrying about losing it

What I noticed with every one of the people on Hypehouse was that they feared losing everything. I think when you gain something so fast you think it can go away in a split second as well. They aren’t wrong though there are studies on sports celebrities that make so much money and lose it so fast. Then there is the whole cancel culture I spoke about before. The focus is so much on what they look like as well for example for Vinnie that when he becomes older will his fans still stay true.

I mean of course if they make investments and right moves at this moment they can secure themselves forever.

The grass is not always greener on the other side

Looking at Influencers I always felt a tinge of jealousy. Their pictures are so perfect the moments seem so fun. Watching Hypehouse showed that the grass isn’t really green on the other side. Seeing their lives I was like I do not want that. It did made me appreciate the hard work they do though. Dealing with the fame and recording every moment of your life would be super stressful.

Even the career would be challenging

Hypehouse made me realize any job or any work is going to have some sort of challenge. That is what makes life fun. These social media artists just have their own set of challenges. Their challenge doesn’t sound appealing to me but I still want my life to be challenging.

Wrap Up for Hype house

So, let’s all take a moment to appreciate what we have! Because as someone on Hype hosue said if you keep thinking about the past that is going to cause depression and if you keep thinking about the future that is going to cause anxiety. I have heard that before but the reminder is always good. So here is to living for the now!

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