What is the best Muslim dating app for you?


Muslim online dating is hard because there are different types of Muslims out there. There is the type that drinks, does drugs, has sex but doesn’t eat pork. Then there is the Muslim that does drugs but thinks alcohol is bad. You will also find Muslims that think all of them are a no go. The list goes on but you get my point and if you are Muslim you probably already knew that.

Finding that person with your haram to halal ratio is very hard and the real struggle of Muslim dating. Whether it’s on online dating app, dating or matchmaking that’s an issue. You just need to evaluate what is a real deal-breaker for you and what you are willing to be open about.

The online dating apps help you filter through that by asking you questions. But then the issue is some people just choose the default which might be that they are religious when they aren’t. Then some are writing lies because they don’t want their family to see them. So it is always important to ask the questions again if they are deal-breakers for you. As what is on the profile might not necessarily be true.

I have tried Salams (previously known as Minder) and Muzmatch both so I will be giving my opinion on both. Those two are the most popular and they are both good options if you are looking for someone Muslim or Desi.

Salams Dating app

Now Salams (Previously known as Minder) might appear like a serious dating app where everyone is looking for marriage. That’s what the app is intended for but that is not necessarily what you will find. There will still be those people that are only interested in hookups. The same people are also on other apps so expect that.

However, it has a variety of people so you will find the religious type as well. You will be able to tell because people state their deal breakers, will probably have a salam in their profile and that they are looking to fulfill their deen. So don’t just be off the app because you think it is not religious enough because there is someone for everyone, it just takes some filtering.

So put what you want in your profile and be clear. Use the deal-breaker options and answer the questions. Read people’s profiles and ask the questions you want to. Don’t expect just because the app is called Salams you will find only religious people. For all the liberal people don’t just cut off the app because you think it’s too religious. If you are looking for a Muslim Desi person this is your best option and there are guys/girls out there thinking the same way you are and on the app.

Relying on your mother to find you a guy and think her matchmaking is better? I can guarantee you that the man that your mom made you meet is also on the online dating app. I can’t guarantee that his level of seriousness will be the same on both platforms but he is most likely using both options. So don’t kid yourself when you say you will get better options through your mom cause you most likely won’t. Also, the Muslim match-making your mom is doing is biased towards guys it’s their world they get to hold all the cards. Muslim online dating is a woman’s game, girls have all the options.

Salams has a pretty user-friendly app and you won’t feel overwhelmed. It shows the picture, about me and  deal breakers questions. It’s just the right amount of information. It is not overwhelming and it is not just looking at someone’s profile picture.

Muzmatch Dating app

Muzmatch on the other hand is overwhelming with allowing you to see who liked you and who visited your profile. The app has improved over the years but it still has a cluttered feeling. For some reason the people on Salams somehow seem better looking might just be my biased opinion based on how the app is. The app from the beginning has been about marriage so it doesn’t have the variety that Minder has as I feel it is only the people looking for Halal dating there. So if you are looking for a variety or only liberal I would recommend Minder. If you looking for just a Halal marriage dating situation I would recommend both Minder and Muzmatch.

Some people might like seeing who liked them, who viewed them who they passed and usually that’s a paid option on apps. Muzmatch does offer that for free but I personally don’t like that as it makes the app have a lot going on.


Even though this is not just a Muslim Dating app it does have a lot of Muslim people and most identify their religion. You can use this to Filter. As you match and meet people Hinge tries to suggest people that you would be interested in. For me of course it has become brown Muslim guys! So start using Hinge today and see the results.

Wrap up

So my verdict is either of the apps is good depends on what you are looking for. But for those of you struggling between going from your mom’s matchmaking program to online dating apps, I hope my blog convinced you that if you are a girl your options are better. The people are the same. You can take control of the situation and be as conservative as you want or as liberal as you want. So don’t hesitate to use the app! Increase your options today by getting on the app.

Comment below and let us know your favourite dating app is and whether you prefer match making or dating apps.


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