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What is the Tinder Swindler now doing? – Find out now

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If you have seen Netflix’s new crime documentary Tinder Swindler, you must be wondering what the 31-year-old Shimon Hayut is currently doing. Where is Simon Leviev now is on all our minds. Did those girls get the justice they deserve?

What is the Tinder Swindler now doing

If you have no idea who he is I will give you some background. In February Netflix released a documentary about a guy named Shimon Hayut. Well that is just one of his identities.  Shimon scammed women on Tinder and asked them for money. He pretends basically to be the son of an Israeli Diamond King. He would use the money from one girl to pay for tickets and a luxurious life with another girl. Basically, he ran a Ponzi scheme to run this lifestyle. Finally, some of the women he scammed came out and went public with it. He then went to jail but that was short-lived.

As you saw at the end of the Netflix documentary that he went to jail but then was released on good behaviour and now is roaming the streets of freedom. He was arrested in Greece in July 2019 by a joint operation between Israel and Interpol. He was arrested for 15 months but apparently, he charmed his way there with good behaviour and was out in 5 months.

Simon is now offering an online business where he gives you advice. I guess providing con business advice is a thing.

How does someone who has committed a million-dollar level of fraud and identity theft just walks away free is beyond me. But I guess it just happens? I thought running a Ponzi scheme, scamming people, and having multiple fake identities would cost someone more than 5 months in jail but apparently not.

What is the Tinder Swindler now doing on Insta

We found his Instagram account simon_leviev_official and he had around 110k followers in a few hours he had 115k followers. Is this documentary just going to make this guy new money? Why are people following him?

We noticed he had put comments on his pictures off which is smart on his part because he would be getting a lot of hate. But it seems like he has developed a little bit of a fanbase. He is basically an influencer. He weirdly goes from putting his account private to putting it back on public. I guess it is a scheme entice people to follow him. When his account was public I saw that the last post he had put in was in October 2021. He was roaming around in a fancy car.

He is currently dating an Israeli model and still roaming around in fancy cars so I guess he doesn’t need to scam anymore he is just getting paid to be an influencer. What it must feel like to just do all this crap and just walk away free.

Empathy for these Tinder Swindler girls is needed

Even though the girls got fooled on Tinder they still like using Tinder. I guess what this documentary teaches us is what to watch out for. Scared to date online just be careful of these things and well never transfer someone 250,000 dollars or create credit cards for them. And apparently you should google everyone before meeting them.

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Also, guys be kind to these women anyone can fall for such a scam. Just because they wanted to date a rich guy doesn’t make them bad people half the population is interested in that.

Update: Simon’s Insta account has now been deleted. He has made another account and says he will soon post his side of the story. Additionally, his Israeli girlfriends name is Kate Konlin. Her Insta account is currently private and she has 100k followers. 

The Tinder Swindler was still on Tinder when the documentary was released. He has now been banned.


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