What to put in wedding welcome bags?

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If you are planning a destination wedding then you need to get welcome bags for your guest. It starts the wedding right. Makes the guests feel surprised and welcome with a little bit of gift at the beginning. They will start taking shots of your wedding from the moment they arrive. 

Through the wedding welcome bag you can give your guests an itinerary, a door handle, and a thank you card. Get some ideas of Pininterest and Etsy to get you started. 

I would suggest going with either a cloth tote bag or a jute bag for the welcome bag. If the destination is somewhere like the beach the guests can use it on the trip. They can use it after as well for groceries and other things. You can get cute bags on Etsy and Amazon.

You can buy a simple cloth tote bag and get something cute printed on it. For example, “Totes, went to the Smith wedding.”

Other ideas are getting the names of your bridesmaids on the bags and making it for them. I saw cute ones for these on Etsy. Another idea is getting the Destination name for example Mexico and then under that the bride and groom’s name and the year.

Now that you have some ideas for designing the bag let’s get to the fun part of what to put in it.

If you are going to an all-exclusive try to keep the food items to a minimum but you want to put some in as fillers. Put a chips packet that your family enjoys and some candy. Put some traditional chips in that you get at a specialty store. 

You can choose a few items from the list below. Happy picking!

Wedding Welcome Bag Items

  • hand sanitizer
  • masks
  • sunblock
  • hair ties
  • makeup wipes 
  • water bottles ( You can print customized)
  • gum
  • bamboo fans (especially good for summer weddings)
  • tictac (get that breath feeling fresh) – even a packet of Listerine is good. 
  • gum
  • bandaids
  • medicine for hangovers
  • Emergen-C
  • Slippers
  • Waterproof lanyard packs for people to put their phones in
  • Customized T-shirts 
  • Pajamas 
  • Tumbler
  • Small champagne bottles with glasses (toast to the bride and groom)
  • Funky sunglasses from Shein 
  • Beach towels  

You can go as simple or as elegant as you want. You don’t want to put too much stuff because your guests will have to bring some things back and you don’t want to burden them with too many things.

Customization can also cost a lot so try to customize only one or two things. To print out the Thank you card and other things print stuff from Canva for free instead of buying it on Etsy. You don’t want to spend too much on your welcome bags. So, try to keep them small if you have too many guests coming to the wedding.

Welcome bags are so fun and such a bag full of joy. It is so exciting to open them at the wedding. Comment below and let us know from the list of what to put in wedding welcome bags you liked best. 


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