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When all the makeup is catered to white skin, it can be hard to find your match at stores. Especially because some of the makeup artists there might be able to clearly identify your skin colour. We have to suffer sometimes with using a lighter shade and coming across as a ghost, because people don’t know how to cater to our skin tone. That is why we are bringing you natural makeup looks on brown skin suggestions so you don’t have to fall for the looking ghostly look that, well quite frankly, none of us can pull off and we shouldn’t have to. 

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Natural makeup looks on Brown Skin

Foundation for brown skin

When you are choosing your foundation you probably see this question where it asks whether you are a warm or cool tone. Cool tones are usually when you have blue veins. Warm tone is for people that have green veins and yellowish tinges. So you have a warm undertone if your skin is more peachy, yellow, or golden. On the other hand, if your skin is pinkish, reddish, or blueish then you have a cool undertone. A mixture would mean you are a neutral undertone.

If you are a desi girl I would first try a warm undertone as that is what we usually are of course there are always exceptions.

I personally like Fenty and Naked Urban Decay Foundation because they have a variety of shades available which makes it better for brown skin. You don’t want to go to a brand for a foundation that only provides light, light-medium, and dark foundations.

Brown skin is complex in the sense that some parts of our face are dark, from the area around the lips and chin. You want a foundation that will suit all your face.

I use Fenty Beauty 270 Pro Filt’r Soft Matte foundation. Now, this is for a light tan, medium skin with warm undertones.

Other brands for foundation that is good for a Natural makeup look is Georgia Armani Luminous. It is around 80 dollars so it does feel like a splurge. It is especially good for dry skin as it is a hydrating foundation. Shades from around 3-5 would be good for brown skin.

Nars also has a range of foundation that goes for brown skin. I personally, have dry skin and I find Nars products a bit drying so I stay away from them. Yes, I know that is weird considering Nars is one of the top brands out there. 

Concealer for brown skin

I am still in search for my perfect concealer. I used to use the Benefit Fake up shade 3 but they don’t make it anymore and I have had to go look elsewhere. For brown people concealer, you might want to get corrector as our dark circles can somehow be very dark and they aren’t the kind that just come out because we don’t sleep they are wired in our genes. Maybe, I am talking about myself right now lol. If you have dark circles you can use an orangeish/reddish corrector or lipstick first to bring back the skin to neutralize the colour and then add the concealer.

So while I search for my perfect concealer I have been using the Tarte Shape Tape light to medium concealer you can buy a small bottle to try out. Although the big one is for bang for your buck and at Sephora, you can try and return. I do find it matches my skin tone but it can look a bit unnatural at times so that is why I am still searching for the perfect con clear. 

Another good concealer is from Nars for brown skin. Nars radiant creamy concealer. Try the biscuit colour or somewhere in that range. This has happened to me at Sephora a couple of times where I have asked someone nonbrown for concealer advice and been given a really dark colour. You don’t want to go super light (as that can cause greying) but you don’t want a colour that is 5 shades darker than you. So be careful!

People also love the Maybelline Maybelline New York Concealer Instant Age Rewind, Golden concealer as it is cheaper. It personally didn’t work for me but my dark circles are pretty bad. So if yours aren’t try it out!

Eye shadow and Blush

For eyeshadow and blush, I swear by Tarte. They make eyeshadow and blush pigmented enough that they show on brown skin. With some eyeshadow and blushes, I find that they don’t necessarily show on brown skin.

I recommend the Tartlette palette for eyeshadow and the Amazonian Clay Blushes. I have a holiday special pack that has multiple blushes in it. So try that out!


I used to always buy expensive lipsticks like Anastasia Beverly Lolita and Lolita 2 types. Which are great colours for natural looks on brown skins. Especially Lolita 2 which is more organgish. I even liked the Tarte birthday suit lipstick but I soon got tired of having a liquid lipstick and moved back to normal lipsticks. Lipsticks don’t have to cost 40 dollars to be good was what I realized. NYX shade 12 Lip Lingerie exotic is pretty good. I wanted more shades for less money so I turned to the Sephora brand.

I was honestly pleasantly surprised. My favourite go-to lipstick right now is the rose shade. It is pinkish and it looks amazing on brown skins. Other ones worth trying are ruby, petal, and flamingo. I haven’t honestly tried the super nude ones so don’t know how these would be but these pigmented ones are amazing! At the end of the year, Sephora goes on sale and I managed to snag these lipsticks for 30 percent off.


Even under all that makeup don’t forget to put on sunblock. I swear by the Shiseido sunblock that looks like deodorant and doesn’t have any white cream to it. It is clear as they come.

Also if you are looking for brown girl make where better to look than a brown girl herself. Check out the Livetinted makeup that now sells at Sephora and was made by someone brown! We are making moves in the industry!

Conquered the makeup now looking for a skin routine? We got you covered!

Comment below and let us know what product you use for natural makeup looks on brown skin.


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