What to watch during self isolation

What to watch during self isolation

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Like most people in this wave of Covid, I felt sick. I tested negative on the PCR test and antigen but I had a pretty bad cold. The cold led to me being so tired that I was sleeping, eating, and watching tv on repeat for 5 days. I was sleeping soo much and would still be tired. The fatigue was real. I don’t know whether I had covid or not but it sure seemed like I did. This led me to binge-watch a lot of TV. Now, that we are in lockdown these show recommendations are for everyone that needs to eat, sleep, watch tv, and repeat. So let’s get to what to watch during self isolation

What to watch during self isolation – Let the binging begin!

Emily in Paris

Hot men and a beautiful city what else do you need to watch. Emily in Paris for me was something I watched in one day. The storyline isn’t amazing but I like the clothes and men. Emily might be a naïve girl who doesn’t know what she is doing in her dating life but that makes for an interesting watch. Don’t we wish we were in Paris instead of being at home? We can imagine we are there!

Twentysomething Austin

As my 20s end, this was interesting to watch to see other people getting out of their comfort zone in their 20s. It was like a university show but for people straight out of university. My favourite was Natalie she is a bit out there and says random things but she is someone I would probably be friends with in real life. Live vicariously through these characters enjoying moving to Austin and getting a fresh start making new friends and career moves.

My Unorthodox life

This is a reality tv show about Julia Haart and her family. It talks about what she faced growing up in her Orthodox Jew family and how she came out of the community and started a new life. It is inspiring to see what she has accomplished and well I like watching fancy people live their life. We might not be able to live our lives right now but we can watch other people. Isn’t that the next best thing?

Cobra Kai

Season 4 is here! The fighting is more intense the characters have increased and the story is just wild. I will never understand how they break into fight everyone and whether Karate is supposed to be helping the kids or causing destruction in their lives but it is an entertaining watch if you don’t think about all that stuff. This season the Sensei’s had teamed up and let the best man/woman win and we hope it isn’t Cobra Kai. I am an Eagle Fang Fan!

The Sex Lives of College Girls

Mindy Kaling brings us an amazing show again! This show might sound like its R rated with the title but it is actually just a fun college show. Mindy has brought some brown comedic representation and we love her for that. Watch 4 roommates hang and miss your university days. Ahhh I want to go back and live with that life instead of lockdown and quarantine. If I had to name my favourite show of 2021 it would definitely be this.

Selling Tampa

Now I prefer Selling Sunset just because there is more stupid drama in it and is it bad of me if I like watching stupid things that make no sense? In Selling Tampa there isn’t that much drama the maximum drama there is about someone opening their own brokerage and well we saw how that played out in Selling Sunset. The houses are nice and it is amazing to see an only minority cast so I would still recommend a watch. And well if you are in lockdown what else are you doing?

I got through all of these and took some naps! Which one are you going to start off with first?

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