What to watch next on Netflix

What to watch next on Netflix this weekend

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The weather is getting cold and it is time to snuggle up on the couch and have a pumpkin spice latte. What better to do that than watching Netflix. We have shows that you need to watch on Netflix right now. You don’t have to spend time thinking and deciding what’s good since we have watched the shows for you and have our reviews

Netflix shows to watch


This is a novel that has come to life in a TV show. It shows the real American struggle. A woman raising a child in an abusive household. Will she break out of the poverty cycle? Is the American system really this bad? Why is there so much paperwork involved in getting food on your plate? Are questions you will be left asking. Maid is a heartbreaking story inspired by true events. It is a tear-jerker and you need to start binge-watching it this weekend.

Squid Game 

Squid Game

You have probably heard about it everywhere from at work to family gatherings. When you go out you probably see people having stalls of Dalgona Candy. Everyone wants to participate in the buzz of Squid Game. If you haven’t had a chance to join in you should. Fair warning though this show is not for kids and has a lot of morbid and gruesome killing. The dark twist though makes it different from the normal shows you watch.

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Honestly, after 2 seasons of You I was wondering what can they bring about now. Hadn’t everything that was meant to happen already happened. But the new season brings some twists and a completely different angle to the stalking. The You new season is still worth watching.

Baby Sister’s Club

Did you love the baby sister’s club as a child? Then you will love the new spin on it. It is a modern-day version of Baby Sister’s Club. They’ll be talking about social media and current problems as a child. They’re a smart bunch of children who might be smarter than adults too. There are a lot of lessons in the episodes. Who doesn’t love children? This is a super cute show!

Kim’s Convenience 

The Final Season of Kim’s Convenience is here on Netflix. I had watched some episodes but there were some that I had missed when it aired so I loved binge-watching this. Honestly, you can probably watch episodes of Kim’s Convenience again and still manage to laugh out loud. I love a good immigrant comedy!

Little Things 

You might have to watch this in subtitles if Hindi is not your language. This show is about a live-in couple. It is about the small moments because that is what really makes life. The basic things that happen day to day in a couple’s life. 

On My Block

It is back to give us a new season full of thrill. This show follows a friend group in a neighborhood that isn’t necessarily safe. It shows a different angle from the normal high school shows. Watch the new season and enjoy!

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