Where to meet men if you are sick of online dating?


If you have tried online dating and need a break or want to meet someone the old-fashioned way, don’t fret there are still ways to meet people. This can be used to meet people in terms of friends, if you are looking to expand your social circle. So lets start on where to meet men:

Meeting people without online dating

Through your dog

where to meet men

Do you have a pet dog? Well, it’s the perfect way to meet someone is through your dog. If you walk your dog on the street or take it to the park it is likely going to interact with other dogs.

You can use this to start up a conversation with someone and who knows where it will lead. It could be an opportunity to meet your next best friend or a partner? You already have something in common your love for your dog. It could be a start to something great.

Speed dating

If you haven’t tried it yet it’s an amazing experience. There are lots of icebreakers activities usually provided and you get to meet new people. It can be a bit awkward with the first person you meet but after the first few are out of the way the conversation starts flowing and you can always talk about how awkward/fun the experience is. Usually, the speed dating place gives you topics to talk about or you can look it up yourself beforehand.

There are now tons of options of virtual speed dating available as well.

Take a class

Try a class that is for both males and females. You might hit it off with someone. There are lots of gyms that offer such classes so become a regular. If you are friendly at the class you might make a new friend or meet a partner who knows? It will also help you learn a new skill. If it’s something that interests both of you there is common ground already and a great way to start.


Yes at some bars no one interacts but there are bars where people stand around and talk to each other. Go to such a bar/lounge and you might hit it off with someone you can date. Be bold and start a conversation with a stranger.

According to psychologist it is the girl who makes the first interaction with a man by non verbal cues such as staring for a few seconds longer at him. So if you look at everyone for a second but lock your eyes with a man for 3 seconds you will be making the verbal cue that you are interested. This will lead the man to come and talk to you.

Wrap Up

Try one of these ways and get out of your comfort zone and who knows what the future holds. Comment below if you know other ideas on where to meet men. 

If you land a man and need some first date ideas check out my blogs on date ideas and conversation.


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