Why dating multiple guys never works


We are in a culture where it is encouraged to date more people at the same time. Being exclusive straight away is considered bad and more choice is good. But you know what happens with more choice more indecision, confusion, and unsatisfaction. That is why dating multiple guys never works. 

Why dating multiple guys never works discussion


When one guy doesn’t give you the attention you can just message the other one instead of facing what bothers you. This has caused us to just keep rotating instead of dealing working on the relationship. Oh, he didn’t text me one day so I am just going to ignore him talk to someone else. This sort of attitude keeps you in a cycle where you don’t face your real feelings. 

A relationship takes work when things get tough you can’t have the mentality that you will just find something easier. Of course, it depends on the challenge but every relationship requires work. If we keep dating multiple guys we will always keep taking the easier option instead of trying to put in the effort to fix our current option.

Have the conversations like where is this relationship is going and are we exclusive instead of trying to escape out of fear.

It makes it harder to figure out what you want

why dating multiple guys never works

Some people are good at picking from a variety of products but others just get stumbled at the amount of the choice. Think of when you go to pick a perfume and there is so much variety. By the end, it gets confusing what to even buy because there are too many. That is what happens on dating apps when you trying dating multiple guys you have decision fatigue.

You will always feel there is something better out there 

It makes it hard to choose one person when you always think you have the option of better. The guy might be great and cute but you will think to yourself can I find someone cuter. Oh, he has everything but maybe I could find someone funnier. Trying to one-up the person you are with keeps you dissatisfied and always looking for something else. 

Be content with the date you currently have instead of thinking who you can date next and going on the dating app and swiping. 

It has become normal to come back from a date and then just going back on the app and finding someone else. Take a moment to take in the date and how much fun you had instead of thinking what is the next best thing you could get your hands on. 

Time and Effort 

You are dividing your effort and time between multiple people that you might end up not truly given anyone a shot. So, instead, focus on one person give your full at it, and then if it doesn’t work move onto the next one.

Ask yourself these questions so you can figure out why dating multiple guys never works

  • When I date multiple people am I able to give them all the effort they deserve?
  • If it gets challenging with one person do I try to escape to another person?
  • Do I allow myself to be content with who I am with currently or am I always thinking about the next person to date?
  • Do you appreciate what you currently have or always think there is something better out there?
  • Is too much choice giving you decision fatigue?

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