Why do guys come back after ghosting


It has become fairly common for ghosts to reappear. If you have been ghosted you know exactly what I mean. A ghost reappearing is when someone stops all contact with you and then randomly out of the blue messages you. It can be quite annoying when you are finally over someone and then they message you. It is like the hope of something being there suddenly reappears when you were sure that you were over them. You are left thinking about why do guys come back after ghosting.

Now we at Pigeon Talk we believe in giving the unfiltered truth so hearing the potential reasons might feel harsh. But it might be the reality check that you need.

Coming back after ghosting

Feeling lonely

I have had someone hit me up during the holidays after they ghosted me. Now the holidays are a depressing time if you are single. All the holiday parties and New years coming. You want to be with someone so hitting up someone you ghosted could be a shot at not being single during this time. Question the timing of him messaging you!

If you are getting 2 am drunk messages from someone who ghosted you know what those are. When people come back from clubs to their own home alone they feel lonely. The alcohol makes you want to be with someone. That’s why you might get a text from someone who ghosted you.

You weren’t a priority

They were busy when you were dating and now they don’t have much to do. This shows you weren’t a priority and only when there is lots of space on their plate they are willing to give you time. What happens when life happens again and they get busy. Will they ghost you again? Ask the tough questions before accepting him back into your life!

Needs to fill a void

Something is probably not going right in his life and he needs to fill a void. So he probably thought oh she wasn’t bad. She was interested in me why don’t I give it another chance.

Ego boost

They could have ghosted you for another option. Now when that option runs out and hurts them they might be feeling low. They hit you up because they know you were interested. They might think if you respond and show interest they will feel better. Hitting up someone they feel won’t reject is an ego boost.

Entertainment while he finds other options

He might still be looking for other options but needs someone to fill the space during that time. When someone else comes along he will do the same thing. There was a reason he ghosted you and the chances are high it still exists.

He could have previously ghosted you for another option. Find out the reason why he ghosted you. It’s not a bad question to ask so don’t be afraid. If he is messaging you the ball is in your court. You are the decision-maker here!

Wrap Up for why do guys come back after ghosting

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule and there could be someone who is genuinely good. Although, someone completely going silent on you is a red flag, and question it. Ask yourself why do guys come back after ghosting!

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