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I used to love lipstick until one day someone pointed out how dry my lips were. I stopped wearing lipsticks for 2 years. Yes, you must be wondering how can I take what someone was saying so seriously but well I did. I took it to heart and I thought lipsticks were making me look worse, especially cause I am not someone who remembers to keep applying them.

Laniege hydrating balm gave me the confidence to wear lipstick again (I know this sounds like a period advertisement where always suddenly gave me wings). But it is the truth. The blam stopped making me feel that I couldn’t wear lipstick. Add the Sephora lipstick brand to the mix and it is amazing.

I will call myself a make-up snob because I didn’t even believe in using drug store makeup or Sephora brand. I don’t even step into a Mac because I don’t like their products and find them drying. But I have fixed my ways and now know drug store mascara is the only way to go and Sephora lipsticks are amazing.

Sephora Lip Last Matte Lipstick is the one I swear by. When Sephora goes on a 30 percent sale for their products that is the best time to buy these. You can get lots of shades. The colour shades are good for brown skin. I am not a fan of the brands that make everything too light that only look good on a certain skin type. These lipsticks are for everyone. They are not drying at least for the first 2 hours and then you can reapply. They do stay on for a long time and even if the lips are drying other people can not tell. If your lips are as dry as mine don’t forget to put the Laniege hydrating balm under the lipstick

They only have 18 shades which isn’t much but the shades they have our good.

The Best Shades of Lipstick


I used to swear by the Rose shade but it has been discontinued I believe. My new favourite is Rosewood it is a neutral lipstick that kind of reminds me of Nyx shade 12 in Lingerie without the drying factor. It also is a sort of Lolita by Anastasia in my opinion. I am not a fan of liquid lipsticks. They do stay on forever but I like my lips feeling hydrated and the Sephora lipstick does that while staying matte. This shade is a mixture of rose and brown and has become my go-to.

I don’t like glossy lips and am a believer in Matte lipstick and that’s why this works for me.


Another lipstick shade that I love is Petal. It is a pink nude At first I wanted to return it because I found it too light since it does have the nude effect. But the more I used it I started liking it on my skin tone. You might want to mix it with another lipstick for the perfect tone.

Crème Brule, crepe, and melon were too light for me and if you have dark lips like mine you might want to stay away from these. They are a bit translucent.


Flamingo is another bestseller. It surprised me it looks very bright in the packaging but on the lips, it is just the perfect amount of bright. Wear it with no make-up on and it will just give you that pop of glow everyone needs.

Ruby is a red lipstick and red works with everything. It is considered more of a pink-red though.

I have also ordered blossom to try it so wish me luck.

Looking to find out what type of natural make up you can should use.


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