Winter first date ideas

Winter Date Ideas That Are Perfect For You


I used to be a purely summer dater cause well it is hard to think of date ideas for the winter. But living in a country where mostly it is winter it is hard to just be just a summer dater. So if you are struggling with winter date ideas and looking for a reason to stop hibernating I have some ideas for you below.

These ideas are perfect for a first date or if you have been in a relationship for a long time and are looking to spice things up.

Ice Skating 

Try out a fun winter activity with your date and what’s more fun than ice skating. If you don’t know how to skate your date can always teach you. Ice skating also gives you an opportunity to hold hands and skate around. Smooth and cute way to initiate that first-hand holding.

Other winter activities include Tobogganing, Dog sledding, Snow mobile and snow shoeing. Even walking on a lake (that is properly frozen) can be fun.

Hot Chocolate and Christmas Lights 

Hot chocolate is the best way to keep warm while walking around. It is also delicious at the same time. Choose a place that has Christmas lights to make the date more romantic and it will give you a reason to walk around. If you feel cold on this date it is always an excuse to snuggle with your partner.

Winter Wonderland or Christmas Market

Enjoy your first date at a winter wonderland there is always tasty food, hot chocolate and lights to see. Exploring the market with a date can a be a fun conversation starter.

Snow Tubing

A fun date in the snow can there be anything more romantic. Adding some exciting activities on a date can enhance romance and there are studies to prove this. Also if a date is a bust you at least got have a fun time snow tubing. Make that move and throw that snowball on your date.

Cozy Drink at a Bar

The indoor options of the summer dates are always an option for winter as well. Having a drink gives you the option of escaping if the date is boring and reduces the nerves that can be there on a first date. Order some appetizers if you are like me and always thinking about food (calamari is my go to)

Wrap Up

Any of these ideas would be great for a perfect date my personal favourite is having hot chocolate and viewing Christmas lights. Comment below and let me know what your ideal winter date is.

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