zoom fatigue

Zoom fatigue is real and you are not alone   


It is almost one year since COVID-19 was referred to as a pandemic and our lives changed overnight. At first, it was exciting to think about Zoom and how we can connect to people from the ease of our bed. One year later that excitement has died and you are probably feeling zoom fatigue. I am here to tell you that you are not alone!

Understanding the Zoom fatigue 

Zoom is not the same as real human connection

We have tried to replicate our human connections on zoom but it is not the same and that is the reason for the fatigue. We are missing the real human connection. The eye contact, the body language, and the human touch are missing on zoom. Sometimes, we don’t even look at the other person and are so engrossed in the way we are sitting and we are looking. Looking at ourselves this much can be exhausting. Put the view as the other person.

We are missing out on going outside

We sit inside all day. On top of that we have fewer excuses to go out without not having a commute and coffee breaks. If we are staring at the screen all day without breaks it can be exhausting. Take breaks to walk inside the house and to walk outside the house. Once a week go to the closest coffee store and pick up coffee. Drink your hot tea outside while journaling. I have been doing these things and it does give me a break and boosts my energy.

Take a Break

Do some stretches and get away from that zoom meeting. Just have online meetings all day can be exhausting. Before we would get breaks and walk to the other meeting or talk to a friend in the middle. With online meetings, it can just be back-to-back meetings. Take a break in between meetings and set outside or walk around your house.

Get off the camera

You don’t always have to be on your camera. It’s okay to take a break if you aren’t feeling up to be on camera say it. The other person most likely has felt the zoom fatigue to and will understand.

Online meetings vs real meeting

In real meetings, there was that opportunity to meet people and get to know them. Now that we are sitting at home that desire to talk about random things and connect doesn’t occur in virtual meetings. We end up just talking about work, work, and work. Talking in circles about things that we might think can just be done on our own. Zoom meetings are meetings just without the perks that the in-person meeting had.

Even after work, we might be using Zoom to interact with our friends or taking courses. Everything is just video calls. That much screen time is unhealthy. So unplug and do a self-care activity instead.

Feeling guilty of mental health/sick days

We are sitting at home so even if we are feeling anxious, drained, or have a headache we think oh we can just pull through it doesn’t make sense to be working from home and take a day off. We need to understand that we still deserve breaks and working from home might be even more exhausting. So you deserve that day off! Take the sick day you would have taken before the pandemic. Take the vacation days you need!

Body hurting

Shoulder, back, and neck pains have become common using zoom. It is important to be sitting on a good ergo check and moving around periodically. Keep an alarm if you need to remind yourself to move.

Wrap Up

If your friend asks you for a zoom call and you are having zoom fatigue it is okay to say no. Instead, go for a social distance walk or talk on the phone instead of video. Do what makes you comfortable.




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