Love is blind season 3 is full of red flags

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Love is blind season 3 has all the best things that are required by reality tv. It has lots of drama and if you don’t want to know what will happen in the next episodes stop reading. I am going to give out some spoilers for the episodes that have already come out.

Is love blind?

This show should be called love is not blind because all the men on this show are showing just that. Nancy and Zaynab in the normal world would be considered attractive. They aren’t the usual attractive which would be blonde thin and tall but they have something going for them with their features yet their partners are having difficulty being attracted to them.

I always thought if you have an emotional connection to someone then you start finding them physically attractive if you didn’t at the beginning. But apparently, this is not happening for Bartise and Cole.

Bartise is a red flag

Like I get Bartise worrying about the fact their opinions on abortion weren’t matching but is that enough to ruin everything? On top of that, why did he bring it up in front of his family at the first meeting? Isn’t that something private and also completely unnecessary if you are trying to make someone like your fiancé? First impressions do matter and the one he created in front of his family was extremely uncalled for.

Raven was completely uninterested in him but what if she had been? Would Bartise give up Nancy then? If Bartise is here to find an emotional connection then why is he wandering so much in terms of who he thought was emotionally attractive and who he claims to be in love with? Bartise’s interest in Raven showed his real character. It showed either his love is not blind or well he isn’t in enough love. Whatever it is I am not a fan of his like I was at the beginning.

What is up with Cole

Cole is a whole other level of crappy. He thought Colleen was completely shallow but suddenly now that he saw what she looked like he was attracted to her. Zanab is very attractive but she is right she can’t change her colour. If brown and white were considered equal Zanab in my opinion is equal to Colleen. But I guess we don’t live in an equal world and brown features are not valued on the same level. Going to other people and commenting on your fiance’s level of attractiveness is asking for her to become insecure. Like what did he expect to happen when the show came out? It is definitely giving Shake level vibes where he kept saying Deepti looked like an aunty. Somehow all the brown girls get done dirty on this show.

Now the whole internet is on the same page that Zanab deserves better than cole. He has only talked crap about her behind her back on every occasion. Like I don’t even get what he likes about her at this point. Girl finds someone else because this guy has red flag written all over him. The fact that he is a young lad is really showing.

Matt and his anger

Matt and Colleen I guess were too good to be together. They seemed perfect all until the Cole situation. It made sense that Matt was a little angry about that but he can’t threaten to end things at every difficulty. Then the situation where she went to the club (again weird on Colleen’s part) but it is an overreaction. Threatening to leave again is a bit much. Are you going to run away at every sign of it being difficult? Because hate to break it to you relationships are difficult. In the real world, obstacles are going to occur it is not going to be like the pods. So get used to it Matt or end it.

SK and Raven

They seemed like the weirdest couple but they are actually handling everything pretty well. At least for now. The fact that they have the least drama is quite interesting. I am impressed with Raven for shutting Bartise down.

I hope they make it because they are going to have to do a lot of long-distance which is tough. She does have a pretty happening life working as a bartender and as we saw in the last season that can cause some issues. SK does seem extremely confident himself and brings out the best in Raven. They might not be the people we would typically think are good matches but they are working until now better than the other couples. I want to see how they end up.

Does age matter

I would usually say age doesn’t matter but these guys are showing their level of immaturity. Firstly, someone like Nancy is doing so well would she be able to make it with someone like Bartise who does not have it figured out at all? That can lead to complications in the future.

Wrap Up Love is Blind Season 3

With all the divorces from season 2 and now the drama in season 3, it is making me believe that love is not blind. Or you can’t fall in love in such a short period. This 1 month rushed wedding might not be the answer to most people.

At this point, the only people that should get married are SK and Raven. Of course, can’t forget about Alexa and Brennon up until now have shown they are couple goals.

Can’t wait to find out next week who has taken the plunge.

Are you wondering what the case of love is blind makes? Well, we were to and that is why we have all the calculations of what the couples earn. Check out our blog.

Comment below and let us know your opinion on the couples this time. Who are you rooting for to make it?


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