How much does the cast of Love Is blind make?

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For some reality TV shows such as Too hot to Handle or The Circle, there are grand prizes at the end. But for Love is Blind there is no grand prize. That makes you wonder how are much does the cast of love is blind make.

How much does the cast of Love is Blind Make – Breakdown

They get paid weekly

They are getting paid $1000 a week which isn’t much. Two cast members have actually tried suing love is blind for paying below minimum wage in America. How interesting is that?

Makes you wonder if the cast really is in it to find love. Even though they don’t make much money they still have the perks of getting fame. Deepti for example was in the second season and now she has her whole book about her experience. The fame you gain might compensate you for money later on.

Is the wedding paid for?

The wedding does take place usually at the same location and most parts are paid for. If the couple wants something extra or different then they have to pay for the top off. That is a pretty seal having your wedding paid for. However, is it worth it when there is a high chance your spouse won’t show up and everyone is watching you squirm on television?

Is the ring paid for?

The ring is from their collection and is paid for. If you wanted another ring you would have to get it yourself. What idiot would not take a free ring? Worst case you take the free ring get off the show and buy another one. Rings like that can cost 10,000 so that is a major perk of being on the show. Saving on the ring might be worth it. Even if you don’t get married you get to keep the ring. I guess girls are getting more out of this show than guys for those who don’t end up getting married in the end.

You might have noticed that rings are similar to previous seasons.

Where they live

In the resort and the apartment that love is blind puts you in that is paid for. That is free living for a month so that can be around 4000 dollars. Add that to like travel costs are probably 1000 dollars.

The food in the pod

The things that they ask for in the pod are paid for. So that is pretty cool since they have some expensive sushi and other things coming in. it makes you wonder why they aren’t always requesting things. Maybe there is a limit for each actor.

How much does the cast of Love Is blind make – THE TOTAL

So let’s total up what we think is the estimated value of things that the couple receives. The salary is probably 8000 dollars if you make it to the end of the show. The perks are a ring for $1000. For the wedding costs let’s estimate $25,000. The living expense let’s add 5000 dollars. For food and random things let’s do 1000 dollars. You are a least getting 50,0000 for each couple. So even if you don’t get married that is a huge perk.

For people who actually get married that is a great saving scheme. Those that don’t get married can sell off the ring and make some money. All in all, it is probably worth it to be on the show.

In the first season the couples seemed more genuine now it seems like they are all here for the fame. They propose so they can make it to the next part not because they are actually interested. This experiment has way too many variables to answer the question is love really blind. If the question was are people willing to do anything for money and fame I think the answer would be hell yes.

I suggest an addiitonal perk being added is a Divorce Attorney and Therapy since none of these couples seem to last.

Comment below and let us know if the perks of being on the show would convince you to audition.

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