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Best bubble tea flavours & how to go about your order

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Are you a newbie to the bubble tea world? Or are you a bubble tea drinker that sick of just having the same bubble tea all the time? Let us introduce you to the best bubble tea flavours and toppings that you will like.

It can get stressful to be standing there at the bubble tea counter and not know what to order.

Here is a small explanation of the questions you will be asked at the bubble tea counter for those that like to be prepared. Size of your drink. Go for regular as bubble tea can get heavy. How much sugar would you like? This question is a bit weird for people who haven’t had bubble tea before cause they talk in percentages. 100 percent sugar is considered the regular sugar amount but it is A LOT. I love sugar but even for me, it is too much so if you want a normal amount of sugar choose 50 percent.

How much ice? Do normal or less ice because if you do extra ice that means less proportion of bubble tea for you. It can become watery with too much ice.

The Pigeontalk list of best bubble tea:


Taro is a root that tastes like sweet potato. That might sound weird for a bubble tea flavour but it is actually amazing. If you have ever seen the light purple bubble tea drink that is the Taro Drink. Have it with tapioca and it will blast your mind. Choose black tea as the drink.

Iron Goddess

This is an Oolong-style tea. The flavour is distinctive so if you haven’t had it before it might take getting used to.

The Classic/Original milk tea

This is the normal tea some bubble tea shops use Assam Milk Tea which is from India. So if you are a fan of Hongkong milk tea or Chai this is the perfect drink for you. Have it with 30 % to 50 % sugar and tapioca and you will love it. This is the safest and best drink. If you are new to drinking bubble tea and don’t want to be adventurous this is your best bet. This is usually a black tea.

Passion Tea

I like to have this option as green tea but it is good as black tea as well. You can have it with 50 percent sugar and coconut jelly. At some bubble tea places, they refer to coconut jelly as rainbow jelly so don’t get confused. This drink would really go well with any type of jelly. This is not milk tea it is more if you like having iced tea and not in the mood of having something heavy. There are flavours for this type ranging from mango to peach as well.

Wrap Up for the best Bubble tea flavours

Most bubble tea places use powdered milk. But they now offer you the option of using almond milk or oat milk. You can even replace the sugar with honey. So, don’t be hesitant to ask for substitutes.

When it comes to bubble tea there is an option for everyone. Even those people that don’t like tapioca.

In Toronto, the best bubble tea place is The Alley or Chatime. Bubble tea is a great spot for a first date. It is quick and fun at the same time.

Comment below and let us know what your favourite bubble tea.


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