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Are you looking for interesting first date ideas?

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Are you looking for first date options? Or have you been in a relationship for a while but want to spice it up with a romantic place. Well, you have come to the right place for some great ideas.

Whether it’s the first date from a dating app or with a friend that might become something else, these ideas are all perfect.

Avoid going to movies for a first date because it is an easy date but do you really get to know the person? Leave it for later when you know each other better.

Fun First Date Ideas

Drink at a bar or coffee/bubble tea at a cute shop

 If it is the first date, you want to have an option to cut it short and well dinner can be an obstacle to that. You have to wait for the food to come and who knows the person might be a slow eater and the date will just go on forever. Well, coffee or a drink are ways out for that. Drinking can always reduce the stress first dates cause and make both of you more relaxed. Or if you are a coffee lover and someone who drinks instant coffee is a deal-breaker for you well going for coffee is a way to find out.

 You want to also keep the first date short leaving the person wanting for something more. Or if you are the type of person who likes long dates you can stretch the it out by ordering more drinks or walking around after. 

Park first date

Take a bottle of wine or make a fun drink (sangria or margaritas are always a fun way to show your cocktail-making abilities. Yeah they say the way to someone is through their stomach, well drinks count too ;)). It is always fun to sit on the grass and lie around. You can always go to a park with a trail and make the date more fun. Plan the date for sunset and you can make it more romantic by watching the sunset together.

Lakeview or beach date 

Sitting on a rock by the lake can make time fly and with the right person, it can be super fun. It is a free cheap date. Everyone loves the beach!

Good view and a good person to share it with, what more does anyone need? If you are more adventurous take a dip in the sea or the lake. You can even do a beach activity like renting a jet ski or a kayak. 


I scream you scream we all scream for ice-cream. Who doesn’t like ice cream on a hot summer day? Go for a walk with and pick up some ice cream. You can judge your date based on the ice-cream they pick. Just kidding don’t judge a book by the first date.

Activity together

Try something fun out together whether it is paint night, axe throwing, one of those places that let you break things, an escape room or an arcade room. You can learn a lot about someone while doing an activity with them. If you are a nervous first dater having an activity really is an icebreaker and you can communicate about the activity. You will also get to try something new if you have not tried any of these activities.

  • bowling
  • mini golf
  • go to a carnival
  • go o a farm together
  • shooting range
  • driving range

Wrap up

Any of these dates will be perfect to begin something special or make something already special even more special. If you are not sure what conversation to have, we got you!

Is it too cold for these activities? Check out my blog for winter date ideas.

There are some things you shouldn’t be doing on a first date. If you are curious to know what check out our blog on what not to do on a first date.

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