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The best weekend to celebrate is coming soon! You heard me right it is time for Halloween. Halloween is a holiday everyone loves. It has something for everyone whether it is the people who like to dress up, candy lovers, and my favourite kind of people those who liked to get spooked.This Halloween in Toronto is going to be great since it is the first after the pandemic Halloween. That definitely means it is going to be wild. Finally, we can go to haunted houses that aren’t drive-thrus. Do you want to do something fun for Halloween but don’t know what? We have a list of the best things to do for this halloween in Toronto.

Halloween in Toronto things to do

Casa Loma 

If you have never seen Case Loma you are probably curious about what is inside this fancy house. 

Legend of the Horror will you the opportunity to do this with a twist. You can even see tunnels that have never been seen before. It is a 2km walk through the garden and the middle you there is a bar. At the bar people are dancing and having a good time. I would say that Casa Loma legends on horror is not that scary but it is nice if you like seeing beautiful decorations. The garden also looks like a horror movie in the dark. The projected lighting on Casa Loma is on point and I could sit and watch that all day. There were points in the tunnel that were scary since it was pitch dark. Additionally, there are a few live actors that make it fun. Legends of Horror is great if you want to walk around a garden and take pictures.

Zombies! Hearing about them makes me scared! Will you survive the zombie apocalypse at Casa Loma? Hearing the description of the event made me scared so I wonder how the real thing will be. It isn’t made for the faint of heart! I have heard it is way scarier than Legends of Horror so I would definitely want to give this a try.


You have probably heard about screamers when it was at the exhibition place. Now it has shifted to Vaughan next to Dave and Busters. There are 7 haunted houses inside. It is outdoors instead of being outside which makes it more fun in my opinion. Screamers is always a good time whatever the location.

Halloween Haunt 

Rides and haunted houses together? Count me in for the Wonderland Halloween Haunt. Every year Halloween haunt takes place and it is amazing. The live actors really put in effort getting dressed and trying to scare you. There is even a corn maze usually.

The weather this week isn’t so bad so you won’t freeze on the rollercoaster.

Haunted Hallow Scream Park

This is a family-run haunted park in East Gwuilmbery. It might be far for the average person but it is amazing. The effort these people have put into making this the scariest night of your life is remarkable. The decoration is so on point. I left screaming and laughing at the same time. It is the best-haunted park I have ever been to. They only let 2 people go in the time so you don’t know where the live actors are going to pop out from. Even though the whole park is small there are at least 20 live actors trying to put in the work to scare you.

BMO Stakt

At the Stakt market, BMO is having Halloween events. They are having a haunted house and a free photoshoot this weekend. Free always sounds good! The Stakt market is a super fun place to hang out on the weekend. 

Corn Maze

Save this for Friday night because you can do the corn maze in the dark. That is if you are looking for more of a challenge. If you just want to do a corn maze during the day this one is the largest in the GTA. Coopers CSA Corn Maze.

Do you accept the challenge to pass this corn maze!

Dress up and club

Halloween is all about dressing up and going out. We have some great ideas for you so you can have a good costume. Halloween doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money on a costume. Make something at home. I am planning on becoming an ice cream for this Halloween.

Dress up and go to a bar

Bar hopping on your night out. Everyone is out on Halloween so you should be out too. Get out there this Halloweekend. The party doesn’t need to be one day it can be all weekend long. Rec Room has a deal where for 30 dollars you can get entry and credit for games. They also give you one free drink. Sounds like an amazing deal to me.

So what are you going to be for this halloween!

Trick or Treating 

Get your nephew and niece and take them trick or treating. Or be the one giving out the candy at home. I love seeing what the costumes are going to be like! It is always fun to run to the door and see what costume is next. 

Dress your house to impress

Participate in some friendly competition with your neighbor. Seeing whose decoration is the best is super fun. I just roam around my neighborhood to see everyone’s decorations. You can buy some decorations from Dollarrama or create things at home. It doesn’t all have to be about spending money. 

While you are at it dress yourself up to!

Keep the decorations safely so you can use them next year. I plan to have a skeleton reading a bloody newspaper on the chair outside. Hopefully, it scares my neighbors.

Carve some pumpkins

This activity is harder than it seems and tools are needed. But if you haven’t done it before you should experience. So who can carve the scariest pumpkin and then make the best pumpkin soap afterwards.

Paint some pumpkins

Buy some paint from Dollarrama and small pumpkins and have a painting competition with your friends. Whether you treat the pumpkin like a canvas or a way to make a funny emoji it is always fun to try something new. This can be like your own paint night. This idea is best preformed while wearing a onesie and having a paint brush in one hand a wine glass in the other hand. 

Google easy things to paint on a pumpkin and you will get some great ideas.

  • HI BOO (with a ghost)
  • A funny face
  • M&M
  • Scary face
  • Harry potter
  • Spiders

Make it more fun by going to a pumpkin patch and letting everyone pick their own pumpkins.

So what are your plans for this Halloween weekend? Mine is definitely hitting another haunted house because is there any better way to celebrate than a haunted house? The scarier the better

Let’s get ready for halloween in Toronto!


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