Are you wondering if blogging is hard?

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Is blogging hard? Well, it is not hard but the number one reason that blogs fail is that people give up. The expectation is too high. You see someone with a million followers and you think overnight you are going to have a million views that’s not how this works. In order for a blog to work, you have to first put in the effort. We only see the end result of the successful blogs not the effort and time it took.

Blogging is for anyone willing to put in the time and effort.

Wondering if blogging is hard?

Google Sandbox

With any new website, google puts you in a sandbox for 6 months to one year. This means that Google does not index you as much as other websites. It is basically Google’s way of keeping spammers from being indexed. But in order to be a successful blogger, you have to get out of this expectation that you will be hit overnight. Be in it for the long game.

Expect that the only person reading your blog for the first few months will be you. And maybe your mom if you beg her too. But this is a good thing it will give you time to try out new things and experiment with your writing and keep editing. Enjoy the process because if you fall in love with the process then you can can blog for life.

Perfectionism can be an excuse

Your blogs don’t have to be perfect. Taking your time to edit is good but if you are holding onto your blog for weeks that means there is a problem. Press publish! You can’t change the title of your blog later (as it can cause SEO issues) but you can change the content. Press publish now and edit later. You just need to start and you will realize everything being perfect is not necessary.

So stop using perfectionism as an excuse to procrastinate. It can be scary pressing publish but you need to start somewhere. Your blog will be great. You are bringing your voice and personality to it which makes it unique.

You have to try it out or you will be left wondering about what could have been. The earlier you start the better.

It takes time

Like I mentioned before the blogging process takes time you can’t expect to have a million views tomorrow. Most people give up because they don’t have the patience. They want things that are instant. But anything good takes time. So, learn to enjoy the process.

Be patient with yourself and your blog.

Start small

Set small aims. At first, I set up a goal that every day I would publish one blog that was at least 300 words. In 21 days it became a habit and I kept going. So set a time for yourself that you will publish at. Tell yourself that you need to keep this going for at least 30 days. It will become part of your routine like it became a part of my routine.

Before my website was launched (while it was being set up) I had written 15 blogs already. You don’t need your website to be ready before you start writing your blogs. I wrote them on word and saved them.

Don’t leave your full time job until a year of two or blogging that way there is less risk and you have other sources of income. There will be less pressure on your blog.

The first step is starting and then all the magic happens. So start now!

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