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New shows on Netflix for weekend binge watching 2021

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Do you feel as if you have watched all of Netflix and are now scrambling to find new shows? Well, there is good news Netflix takes out shows very often and there are great shows that have come out in 2021 that you need to watch.

My favourite show for Netflix 2021 has to be hands down Ginny and Georgia. It is like Gilmore Girls on steroids there is no other way to describe it. So let’s get onto the list of New shows on Netflix for 2021

New shows on Netflix

Ginny and Georgia

This a show about a mother and daughter but there is a dark past which makes it sort of a thriller. I loved the high school aspect and the mother-daughter drama aspect. This show is 10/10 for the PigeonTalk Team

Firefly Lane

If you enjoyed Ginny and Georgia you will like Firefly lane. It is about the life of two childhood friends that grow up together and are basically each other’s life support. Do they have a healthy system going who are we to judge? This show is very entertaining and we loved it.


This show isn’t new but it is new to Netflix and there are a lot of seasons. It is based on a store that is like Walmart and its employees. Basically, imagine The Office but set up in Walmart. It is super funny if you like the type of humour in The Office.


This is based on a gentleman thief. It is like France’s version of Sherlock Holmes. You will keep wondering what will happen next.

Behind her eyes

It was a bit too much for our liking. It is about a woman liking her boss and then becoming friends with his wife. There is a bit too much going on in the show and the vibes are a bit weird but maybe that is what they are going for. We couldn’t get through it by if psychological thrillers are your thing watch this show.

The One

This is about finding your soulmate through DNA. It is a show about love but there is a mystery to it. Well, don’t we all wish we didn’t have to use dating apps. Watch this show the concept is quite interesting.

Zero Chill

Do you enjoy shows like Make it or Break it and Spinning Out which are based on athletes? This show is a cute family show with some suspense. It is about twins. One who plays ice hockey and the other one that figure skates. I love shows like this. They are great to watch with the family. I binged watched it all within 24 hours. Each episode ends with a twist and you need to know what happens next.

Cobra Kai

I love boxing so this show is a must-watch for me. It is again a high school show but there it is quite entertaining to watch with the family. The new season dropped in 2021 so that means binge-watch it!

Bling Empire

This is an Asian reality show. If you think people on Selling Sunset are rich you haven’t seen Asian rich. It is like a whole other level. Watch this to see rich people drama and family issues. It is not your usual reality show since asian drama is a bit different to white people drama.

Bombay Begum

This is a show about working women in Bombay. The characters of the women might be flawed but it showcases the issues Indian society faces and the issues women have. How women come in the way of other women instead of rising together.

Comment below and let us know what your favourite Netflix 2021 show has been.


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