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Use work from home to build healthy habits


The pandemic is a great opportunity to build healthy habits. While working from home and not having a commute we have extra time in our day to focus on making our life healthier. Let’s build healthy habits!

The key to building a healthy habit is starting small and one at a time. Take your time to build each habit and then add something else.

Building healthy habits:

More time for morning routines

It might be tempting to wake up and start working. But the better thing is to wake up 15 minutes and do a small morning routine to start your day off right. If it is too hard to wake up early then take a morning break and write a short journal.

Water drinking

You can have a large 2-liter bottle at your desk to remind you to have water. Just finishing that water will have you set for the day. I bought a plastic bottle from amazon but there are nice glass bottles you can buy. Make sure the bottle is not heavy so you can roam around with it. Having the bottle next to you indicates to you that you need to drink.

I drank 8 glasses every day from the bottle for 21 days before I started a new habit. I like having something part of my life before adding another habit as it allows me to focus on one task.

Healthy food

There is time in our day to make our breakfast and lunch. This means we can choose to be healthy. I no longer have that croissant while running to work. I have time to make an egg and eat it. For lunch I have time to eat fish or chicken or a salad. You can have a meal prepped from the day before and just cook during your lunch break.

Just marinating fish or chicken with basic ingredients makes great dishes. Add a side of vegetables to the dish.


There is time in your lunch break or after work to exercise. I use my lunch break to exercise for half an hour and then eat for half an hour. Use YouTube to find exercises that are 30 minutes long. Stretching and exercising in your work day gets you moving.

Walking after work

There is more time after work to spend in nature. Taking a short walk after work helps me refuel for the nighttime. A light stroll works as well.

You can sit outside and work

I like to sit outside at  least for 1 hour when it’s sunny to si. You can take calls outside or sit on the laptop. Taking in that vitamin D improves my day. You don’t need to sit in your cubicle you can work from anywhere now.

Sleep 8 hours

As we don’t have to wake up early to commute. So this is the perfect time to build the habit of 8 hours of sleep. Change your work timings if you have to. There is no need to sleep shorter hours at night. We all need at least 8 hours.

Pick one habit and start and slowly build the rest in.


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