benefits of drinking water

Benefits of drinking Water & the signs your body is giving you


My whole life I have been dehydrated. I have been drinking 1-2 glasses of water a day and the rest in probably green tea, coca-cola, and juice.

Problems that occur when you are perpetually dehydrated:

This led to issues of my pee burning. If you have been doing the same you probably know what I am talking about. It hurts when you pee sometimes and then you realize oh that’s a sign I should drink water. But by then it is too late and you have to chug some water and wait 3 hours for you to stop feeling uncomfortable.

My pee was very dark yellow as well. My skin was excessively dry.

I was getting major headaches. Just by sitting in the heater, I would get easily dehydrated. I had been not having water for so long that in my head all this became normal.

All these signs were a sign from my body asking for help. I realized that it was my body saying DANGER, DANGER, and DANGER.

Just visualise a hospital machine beeping and you just blatantly ignoring it. That is exactly what I was doing.

If you believe in God that is a sign from God saying you are not respecting the body he gave you.

If you believe in the Universe that is the Universe telling you that you aren’t respecting the body you have.

And if you don’t believe in God or the power of the Universe think of the science behind it. Whatever you believe in your body is giving you an indication that something is not working out.

Now I have covered why you should drink more water. Let’s now move on to the benefits of drinking water.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Headaches reduced

Now I am not going to say you aren’t going to get headaches at all. The first two weeks I started drinking water I still got a lot of headaches. My headaches might not only be related to water it could be screen time and not going out enough. But one of the reasons was dehydration. So now that I have been drinking water for a longer period they have reduced substantially.

I feel more energetic.

Not drinking water makes you constantly lethargic. Of course, there are other reasons for feeling unenergetic but being dehydrated is a contributor. Your brain also starts working faster if you drink water. Most of our body is made up of water and we require it to do every task. Imagine, the change if you drink water?

Bowel movements

Being dehydrated makes you feel constantly constipated. Even Metamucil wouldn’t work on me cause there was no water in my body to help it ease my poop to come out. That made me realize I needed water to help my stomach out. Yes this might be TMI but I just want you to know you aren’t alone in your dehydration struggle

Better skin

I still have dry skin but it does feel more fresh and moist now that I drink water.

Reduces Hunger

If you have been drinking less water your whole life you have probably been taking your body’s indication that is thirsty as hunger. Once you do start drinking water you will better be able to tell when you are thirsty. You can drink water instead of replacing it with food.

Reduced hunger paired with better poops can help you feel healthier and lighter.

Wrap Up for benefits of drinking water:

Make drinking water your goal. Give your body the respect it deserves and start drinking water today.

It will be hard and I still struggle but keep reminding yourself of the benefits and the warning signs.


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