How to increase your daily water intake?


The struggle is real! Having 8 glasses a day seems impossible doesn’t it? But now there are lots of ways to remind yourself that you need to increase that daily water intake. Drinking more water can be game changing to your life. So learn how to drink more water.

Your mind will function faster, apparently those who are always dehydrated are not taking their mind to the maximum potential.

Your skin will feel more moisturized. The old you will thank you for that soft skin.

You will have more energy. You will be saying bye bye to those headaches. Of course it means that your bathroom visits will increase but it is all worth it. The future you will thank you.

Start today by following these tips to increase your daily water intake:

Motivational bottles

Buy a 2 litre bottle (you get it on amazon, there are bottles that have motivational marks on them. They tell you what time to drink water and when you are close the bottle will say don’t give up). Keep it on your desk or somewhere where you are sitting so you are reminded to drink water.

Get a water reminder application

There are so many apps out there that will remind you to drink water through notifications.

Count your glasses

Write it on a piece of paper by making a tally board till you get to 8 glasses. Put this piece of paper somewhere you can view it. You will feel great when you hit that 8 mark

Make it a habit

14-21 days and you can make something habit. Start small aim to do this for 14 days. Don’t try to do to many things at the same time just focus on drinking water as your new 14 day goal. You don’t want to use all your willpower doing to many goals at once so aim for just one goal at a time.

Taste of water

if you like cold water make sure you are cold water. If you like water in a steel swell bottle then drink water in that. Make it more appealing for yourself. I love cold water in a steel bottle.

Get started today! It is never to late to start drinking 8 glasses of water. I know it can be hard if you are used to only having one glass of water so slowly build it up.


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