Home workout vs gym – Is going back to the gym worth it?


The pandemic made us settle into a new world where we started watching Youtube videos to work out and bought home equipment. Some people now have home gyms and are wondering is it worth it to go back to the gym? That’s why a review of home workout vs gym is so necessary!

With Covid still around the gym might seem like a scary place to go. Having equipment at home makes it harder to get convinced to go back. The cost of going to the gym has also skyrocketed as gyms have had to change their procedures and have maximum requirements.

Home workout vs gym

Home workout vs Gym

Pre pandemic I used to be a regular member at a kickboxing studio. It used to cost 150 dollars for an unlimited package of classes. When the pandemic hit the studio closed and I was left confused not knowing what to do.

The initial phase of the pandemic involved sweat pants, banana bread, and YouTube workouts. Even though I was working out I was not pushing myself and gaining weight. You can never outrun a bad diet and that’s what was happening to me.

Months down the road In December 2020 I bought a punching bag. The studio still had not opened and I needed to get back into shape. I made up some of my own workouts and found the rest online. I had bought dumbbells and a mat as well. Who needed the gym?

Then came July 2021 and gyms and studios were finally opening. I could go back and I wanted to get out. Be careful and go to gyms where they take precautions very seriously. My studio has pexi glass, a machine to use UV rays to sanitize the place, and only accepts double vaccinated people. This means a rise in prices which made me even question going back to the gym even more. So call your gym before and find out what are they doing to protect the members from getting COVID-19

But I noticed some things at the gym that made me realize I had become so out of shape in the pandemic.

You feel more motivated the gym

With people around you doing the same thing as you it motivates you to do more. At home, there was no one motivating me and sweating with me. There was only a screen. When the exercise got hard I just left and sat it out. I was not even attempting things that I found hard. Seeing other people doing the same thing as you helps form this collective energy. You look at the person next to you and think damn they’re working so hard I should do that too. Seeing someone exercise hard shows that there is a possibility you can achieve that

A coach can help you fix your form

I have bad form. Someone has to show me multiple times and move my hands to get me to do an exercise well. The form is important because if you are doing something like a push-up and do 50 with and form and have no impact and do 10 with good form and feel everything. You don’t realize this sitting at home. When I went to the gym and the instructor was holding my legs for me and I was sweating I realized I was doing the exercises completely wrong.

It’s hard to push yourself

At the gym, there is a selection of weights. I soon realized it was time to move away from the 5-pound weights and slowly increase. I am now at 10-pound weights which wouldn’t have been an option at home because I only have 5-pound weights. There are also no instructors at home to push you to make you realize what you are capable of. The teacher saying only 1 minute left you can do this really makes a difference. At home, I would just give up when it got hard and give myself that rest but with the teacher’s eyes glaring at me, this wasn’t an option. Watching Youtube videos I was taking breaks whenever the coach online took a break but in reality, I didn’t need those breaks I could do better. Being in the gym made me realize that.

Wrap Up for Home workout vs gym

Now I do fully well realize that gyms are expensive so I am not going 15 or more a month like I used to. I have made a mixed model where somedays I work out at home but remind myself I CAN PUSH MYSELF MORE. Then other days I go to the gym and with the power of the class perform at my best.

In this short time in going to the gym I have seen a significant change in the shape of my body. I am slowly getting back into shape. I might never get my pre-pandemic body but I am excited for the shape my body is going to take. Those muscles are forming and I am ready to embrace the change!

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