Ways to make your bath more relaxing


After a long day, the perfect way to unwind is having a warm bath it is like being in your own personal Jacuzzi. It just leaves you so relaxed and calm. To make your bath more relaxing below are some tips.

Chamomile tea 

If you ever had chamomile tea you know how relaxing it just takes away all that pain in your body and leaves you feeling calm. Well, that’s exactly what the bath does as well. To make the perfect chamomile tea bath put some chamomile flowers (about a teaspoon) into a cup and add some hot water. Leave for around 10 minutes and then you can remove the flowers. Add this to the warm water and mix it in.

Epsom salt 

Having joint pains or exercised today too much and feel like you will feel the pain tomorrow well the Epsom salt is perfect for you. Don’t make the water too hot and add 2 cups of Epsom salt after. Try to keep the bath for 30 minutes since it can be dehydrating. Drink plenty of water before.

Bubble bath 

There is no need to buy bubble bath you can use shampoo. Put it under running water and the bubbles will form. Don’t wait till the end of the bath to start this process do it in the middle. If you don’t move around too much the bubble baths will stay intact throughout.

Essential oils 

Add a few drops ( I add two) of lavender, eucalyptus or lemongrass essential oil to your bubble Epsom salt bath. Add this after the bath is completely drawn and not under running water as that will make the oil evaporate. Mix the water a bit so it all spreads around. Do not put more than a few drops as too much essential oil can be bad for you. 

Wrap up

Set up the environment by putting on some candles (make sure they aren’t in dangerous locations and take if you have a diffuser set it up in your washroom. Put on some calming music. Yes, make it movie perfect, for the best feels. 

If you don’t find baths fun because you get bored then take a book in with you or listen to a podcast.

I am personally not a fan of bath bombs but some people seem to enjoy them. I don’t like the idea of showering in coloured water but if it fascinates you try out the bath bombs from lush.

Disclaimer: if you have any health issues or sensitive skin please take advice from your doctor before following any of these. Drink lots of water before since baths can be dehydrating. 


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