Best Youtube workouts to get you through lockdown


Stuck in lockdown it can be hard to convince yourself to workout. Especially if you don’t have a workout to follow. The good news is we are here to help! We have picked the best Youtube workouts that you can follow.

They are shorter than 40 minutes so they won’t take much time but they will make you burn those calories.

Best Youtube workouts:

For Arm workout with light dumbbells

I love this workout to get some toning of the arm. It is already March and summer is right around the corner so we need to be ready for Tanktop season. Get the arm toning in with this fitness blender workout. If you find this too short and easy there are different Fitness blender arm workouts that might suit you. You can add this to the end of the workout as I do.

Missing your kickboxing studio?

I miss my kickboxing studio a lot nothing can replace the feeling of boxing in the studio but if anything comes close it’s following Intensity X3. These workouts range from 30 to 45 minutes and have at least 25 minutes of kickboxing in them. These are great for shadow boxing as well as punching a bag. I love Vanessa and Killa Cole workouts they are my absolute favourite. This video is mostly kickboxing but the other ones  add some abs and arms workout in them. So choose based on your preference

Don’t have time to work out?

You can take only 10 minutes a day to work out or want to start small I suggest Holly Dolke’s 28-day challenge. She even has a killer arm workout.

Fun Trainer Kaitlyn workouts

If I named one person who inspired me to move in Quarantine is would be Trainer Kaitlyn. She is awesome and her workouts are super fun ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes she has got you covered. Her workouts are unique! She is very pro accepting any body type and letting us know it is okay to bloat. Her instagram will leave you happy in your body!


Chloe Ting – she will challenge you

She doesn’t need an introduction you probably have heard of her challenges. Get started today!

Popsugar got you covered

They have all sorts of workouts even Tabata and you know I love Tabata. Check Popsugar out!

Wrap up for Best YouTube Workouts

One of these videos is sure to get you up from that couch. Start small and see your progress. Your body will thank you! The Best thing about Youtube workouts is that they are FREE!


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