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Ideas for a perfect self care day that you need


We focus so much on work we often forget to focus on ourselves. This is what leads to burn out and low productivity. In order to, to stay away from that we need to take some time and focus on ourselves. Below is a list of items you can do to take care of yourself and take some time out for yourself. We all need a day off just for ourselves. So start this year right and make it a year of self care.

I am not the type of person that gives myself much time alone and used to find it boring. This year made me realize how we all need to learn to enjoy time alone and made me appreciate a self care day. Here is a list to make sure you don’t get that feeling of being bored and take care of yourself.

  • Take a nap in the middle of the day without feeling guilty
  • Make a fancy drink. This can be a cocktail, mocktail, coffee or hot chocolate
  • Give yourself a manicure. If you prefer someone else doing it for you treat yourself. Put on a funky nail polish and let loose.
  • Give yourself a pedicure. You can even just soak your legs in warm water.
  • Take a bath
  • Colour
  • Cook a fancy meal. Making steak with some vegetable on the side is fancy and easy at the same time.
  • Order a fancy take out – the whole deal appetizers, main course, dessert and drinks. My ideal meal would be some seafood. Lobster, crab and shrimp.
  • Binge watch your favourite show with a bag of chips. Cut yourself some slack and embrace your guilty pleasures.
  • Walk/jog around your neighborhood. Not having a destination and just walking around can be relaxing
  • Sit on your porch or balcony. (Have the sunshine on you and drink some coffee)
  • Sit in the park and just people watch
  • Read (Use a kindle so you can a book faster. Read a sample and then buy a book) As we just older we take less time to read so take that time out.
  • Get a massage or make your partner massage you with oil
  • Watch the sunset or wake up early and go somewhere to watch the sunrise
  • Clean your room with music on
  • Break into dance
  • Go chill in a Jacuzzi or a swimming pool
  • Lounge around a pool and sunbathe
  • Meditate (put on some headspace and start meditating )
  • Stretch ( even 5 minutes in child pose can be good)
  • Go on a drive with some music on or roll your windows down.
  • Have a spa day: this consists of masks, massaging your hair with oil then having a long bath and shower
  • Go window shopping or shopping
  • Paint or look up videos of paint night on YouTube and copy someone
  • Go to the to theme park and have fun on some rollercoasters
  • Go to the park and go on the slides
  • Write in your journal
  • Hike to the top of a peak and see a great view
  • Go to the beach and listen to the waves and watch the water move
  • Make yourself brunch – pancakes and mimosas
  • Go on a bike trail
  • Bake – Banana bread can be very comforting.
  • Unplug when needed. This is can be deactivating Instagram or just putting your phone away for the day. Personally constant attachment to the phone makes me anxious
  • Go to the park and go on the slides

Here is to planning a self care day.

Comment below and let me know what your favourite self care activity is.


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