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Learn how to reach your full potential


When you feel as if you aren’t at your potential and have settled for less you can feel unrest in your body. Unhappiness takes over and you know you can do better. Yet some of us even though we feel that never try to. But the good thing is that it is never too late to start trying and there are ways on how to reach your full potential.

How to reach your full potential – Become the person you were meant to be

What do you want?

First, the important thing is understanding what you want. Write down 10 things that you want on a piece of paper.

Why do you want it?

Pick three of them. Ask yourself why do you want it. Ask yourself this question 3 times to understand why you want it. Dig deeper don’t just settle for surface-level answers. Think about the why as that will be your motivator and will give you a better understanding of what you want.

How do you want to get it?

Make a plan for yourself on how to get there.

Are you able to reach your full potential

Wishing and manifesting for something can help but you can only get to a certain point with that. You have to be able to get there.

Some of us don’t believe we are able. But what we don’t realize is that things take time and effort. We give up because we think we aren’t able but the truth is we haven’t put in the effort required.

I personally when I was a child gave up on everything. Now as an adult I realize it was fear of looking bad that made me not even try. But that actually made me miss out on doing so many things. So, now as an adult, I am trying to learn them. It isn’t too late and it is possible for me to learn. I have given up that mindset that when I start something I have to be good. No one is good when they start at something. But we only see them when they are good and we assume that is how they started. Everyone has a different level they start at but with practice and persistence, we can get there.

This summer I decided to take on sports that I had run away from as a child. This included badminton and kayaking. Once I put in the effort I got there I was able to do the activity. It was about putting in the time and effort.

Look at the people around you have they achieved what you want to achieve? Then there are examples that we can get there as well. Instead, we look at it as if they have a spot we won’t get it. There are plenty of spots available.

Are you willing to reach your full potential

You have to be willing to put in the effort. Nothing comes easy. We somehow expect things to just happen without any effort. But nothing in life works like that. As I said before we don’t see the effort put in. Instead, we go for instant gratification. That instant moment that we will feel like something happened. That is not how things work though.

With starting a business it is not overnight you have all the customers and the best products. You have to put in the time. There will be failures. There will be a need for trial and error. And that is okay that is how it works. You learn from that time and experience.

It’s a compound effect

You have probably heard of compound interest. Where if you save a dollar from your coffee every day put it in a high-interest account and keep it there you will then get interest on your saving and then over time you will get be making money on the saving and interest. This will amplify the increase in your savings.

That is how self-growth and reaching your potential works as well. You won’t wake up tomorrow and be there but you need to put in 1 percent effort every day. Then over time, you will see the impact it has on your life

Small steps and big goals

You can take small steps and reach your big goals. Work towards what you want a little every day. I worked on the growth mindset a little every day. It wasn’t something that I was used to so I had to actively work on it and the change in me came every day.

To explain this better think about an exercise you have done. I’ll use squats as an example. You can do a squat challenge where you add a few squats every day. By the end, you will be able to do 200 in a row. You can start small and build your stamina and get the big goal of 200 squats. Now you don’t need to stop there you can keep going. Increasing the number of squats you do little by little.

Can you divide the goal you set out into small steps? How would you go about that?

Writing down your goals and keeping track of your progress will help you reach your full potential.

Wrap up for how to reach your full potential

Persistence is key when you are working to your potential. So ask yourself are you willing to keep at it?

That is why passion and purpose help it allows you to keep going. It is a motivator.

The problem occurs because people give up. They want everything fast. You could be giving up just a month short of when everything was going to work out. Think of that. You could have been close to making that break but you gave up. You will never know whether it would have worked out if you give up.

So start and then keep going. It takes time to reach. So learn to enjoy the journey because it is not always about the destination it is about the learning and experience you obtain while getting there.


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