Is badminton a good workout for you?


With gyms still not open everywhere and the sun shining outside, I have been trying my best to get out there and be active. So I had to find out – is badminton a good workout?

Is badminton a good workout?

Badminton can be played anywhere

Badminton is something that you can play everywhere. Whether it is outside on your driveway, in your backyard, or in a park. All you need is rackets and shuttlecock for the beginning. You can get a set of rackets, a net, and a shuttlecock on Amazon for 30 dollars.

Badminton is a portable game. You can play it anywhere. You even get portable nets on Amazon you can take places. And these nets can be used for other sports as well such as volleyball

Badminton can be played at all ages

It is for all ages. It is not a hard sport so anyone can play it. Learning how to serve and hit the shuttlecock can have a learning curve but it easy to pick up compared to other sports.

You can play with a 10-year-old and still old and still have fun. It is a real family game and now that we have to hang out with our social bubble it is the perfect sport to play.

Badminton targets lots of muscles

You are using your forearms, lower legs, upper legs, hips, core, upper arms, biceps, and triceps to play. You have to take steps to get to the shuttlecock.

The step count is good

I counted in an hour game I had 3000 steps. My step counter doesn’t account for my hand movements and the jumps. In a full competitive game, I am sweating, jumping, and hitting the shuttlecock.

It might not be the most calorie-burning exercise but it is super fun and time flies when you are playing badminton.

There is a calorie burn

A badminton game can burn from 250 calories to 500 calories. Honestly, you won’t even feel how many calories are burning because you will be having so much fun.

How I started playing badminton and the progress I have made

I started playing a week ago and I couldn’t even serve. Now I can serve across the net without any problem.

I found it hard at first to run from one side to the other but now I can easily rally. I had to remind myself of the growth mindset and that with time I would get there. That is exactly what happened I improved little by little every day.

I didn’t play with a net at first to make it easier. Then I build up how far the shuttlecock would go. That is how it works with learning any sport. You have to put in the effort, time, and practice and you will get there.

So what sport are you going to learn this summer?


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