10 easy to make halloween costumes that you will love

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Halloween is the best time of the year! You get to dress up and eat chocolate. What more can one ask for? I love the whole spirit of Halloween from the haunted houses to the candy. It should become a real holiday by now! Halloween outfits can seem pricey when you go to stores. They charge you 50 dollars for something you are going to wear once. Add some accessories and the bill adds up to 100 dollars real fast. Instead, why don’t you make a DIY costume that won’t cost you much? That’s where easy to make halloween costumes come into play!

Easy to make halloween costumes ideas.

Gum Ball Machine

Buy coloured pompoms from the dollar store. In order to stick them, you will need a glue gun which can also be bought at the dollar store. I wore a red dress and used aluminum paper to create an area for the money to be inserted.

On the top half of the dress stick the pompoms close to each other. On the belly button area stick the aluminum paper that says 25 cents. You don’t want to put that sign under as it could mean something completely different if not properly placed.


Arthur is an aardvark and you can become one too for Halloween. If you have a bright yellow sweater at home, wear glasses and can make ears. Wear a white button-down shirt inside the yellow sweater to look even more like Arthur.

Icecream cone

Have a white dress at home or a white outfit? Add some small cut-out chart paper for sprinkles and create a brown cone from chart paper and there you have it the cutest ice cream costume. It can’t get easier than that. You can also be any other ice cream flavor you want to be

Queen of hearts

If you have a white t-shirt that is big enough you can wear it as a dress and add some stockings. Cut out the hearts from a chart paper and stick it on. Convince your friends to dress up as other cards and it can be a cute group costume.


Who doesn’t love some emojis in this day and age? Cut out a yellow circle and make your favourite. You can cut out hearts from the eye or make some tears. Mix and match some emojis and you can create your own!


Have a yellow shirt at home or a dress? Create some ^^^^^ and add a green headdress for the top and you have a cute outfit.


If you have a robe at home and gloves or a wrap then you are destined to be a boxer. You can wear a sports bra shorts and a robe on top and a wrap even. It is a sexy outfit with minimum effort. Easiest for those who actually box as you will have the equipment at home. Just don’t be getting into fights with people.

Rosie the Riveter

You can do it! Become Rosie with a red bandana and a denim shirt and jeans. Tie your denim shirt up in front. This is a quick outfit! It includes thing you probably have at home and are probably just missing the red bandanna which you can probably get a dollar store.


On a white shirt stick the circle colours and there you have it easy but interesting. You can even paint it like these guys are. This is a fun to make simple outfit.

Squid Game

With all the squid game craze I am sure tons of people will be dressing up like that for their Halloween costume. If you have a green tracksuit or green sweat pants just put a number on yourself and you are part of the games.

BlogTo has some great ideas how to make a Squid game outfit.

From the list of easy to make halloween costumes what’s your favourite? Comment below and let us know



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