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The Best places to buy jewellery

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With so many online stores popping up and Instagram ads, it has become confusing where to buy jewellery and what the best places to buy jewellery are. With stores like tiffany charging so much, it can often feel like fine jewellery isn’t in the budget of the folks making a normal salary. But now with online stores, it might be possible for you to wear the shiny gold and rock it.

What are the best places to buy jewellery


You have probably seen an Instagram ad for this brand if you have ever searched for any sort of jewellery. Mejuri promises to give you fine jewellery at low prices but with good quality. There are options for everyone here. There are 14k gold items which is how much places like Tiffany also sell it and there are gold plated and gold vermeil options. You pay for what you get. Of course, the items that aren’t 14k gold are cheaper and of lower quality. That doesn’t mean they don’t look good but they might not last for as long.

For those wondering if Mejuri is safe to order from I am here to tell you that it definitely is. It has all the basics as well as the fashionable items.


If you are from the middle east or a south Asian country you will love this store. It has Islamic jewellery with surahs, names, and the alphabet your name starts with this. This jewellery will make you feel at home. We aren’t used to going to a place and finding our name there on the jewellery but well Nominal can make it for you. The items are gold plated and not made completely of gold so they might not last long but the prices are very affordable. So check them out! And the designs are quite stunning.


Now it might seem weird to buy jewellery from Costco but it is the best place to buy diamonds. Because the way Costco runs is that it makes money on its membership rather than the items it is selling it sells everything at wholesale value. Just like the milk, you buy at Costco is cheaper the diamond you buy is high quality but cheaper. For something like a welling ring, diamond earrings, or bracelet Costco might be the place to go. It also has nice designs. Costco delivers fine jewellery as well and provides returns on them as well (read the return policy as there may be delays in payments)

Now Costco doesn’t sound fancy but it looks good.

Tiffany & Co

Now, of course, this is a classic place to buy jewellery but even as I put it down I don’t think it is worth the value. The designs don’t change often it is relying on its classic and for 14k gold it is ripping you off. For me, it doesn’t matter if you are a forever brand I am not paying just to have your name on the brand. Some items are quite nice but I don’t know whether it is worth the money for me.

Maison Birks

Maison Birks is a bit cheaper than Tiffany and Co. Known for its Sapphire this store might be worth the price.

Comment below and let us know where you like to buy your jewellery from and what you think the best places to buy jewellery are.

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