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I had not stepped into the streets of Karachi in 3 years. Coming back everything seemed familiar as if it has not changed. Like a time warps where a place just went still in time. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see something that had changed and that was the Arts, dance, and rap scene.

Pop up Dance Class

On Sunday 6th March 2022 I attended a Pop-up dance session held by Zahshanne Malik at Art Council. I didn’t really know what to expect what it would be like but I decided to give it a chance. I was in the elevator and there were dancers talking about their breakdown schedule. Stress hit me that these people were very serious about dance and well I didn’t know anything about it apart from the random moves at a club or the steps I did at the back at the Mehndi. But once Zahshanne started teaching the fear left my body and I felt a sense of ease.

Additionally, Zahshanne teaching style was very impressive. The pop was for Peechay Hutt a song she is the dancer in. Zahshanne was the main instructor and she had two other dancers next to her so that everyone could see. There was a beautiful mirror set up to make it easily followable.

Best Karachi Dance Classes Style

Zahshanne broke down each step. I thought I understood the concept of breaking something down but Zahshanne was a real-life example of that. Each movement was made simple by this process. I consider myself someone who doesn’t have much hand-eye coordination. For years I avoided even going for exercise class because I was embarrassed I wouldn’t be able to follow it. But Zahshanne’s teaching method is made for people like me to expert level. That is what makes her a great teacher. The pop up was a safe environment created by Zahshanne.

There were probably 10-15 steps that she taught that made the dance. It all came together step by step. You could feel the energy of all the dances. I felt like I had traveled into an Indian movie.

What surprised me was that more Karachittes hadn’t taken advantage of this fun class. Did they not know about it or were just lazy? Who knows what the answer to that is but I am here to tell you that if another opportunity comes or Zahshanne has availability for classes you should definitely try her class out. Her skills go from hip-hop, Bollywood to Kathak. She can do classical and western as well.

How to Contact be part of the best karachi dance classes

The years of experience and the hard work she has put into honing this art shows. Her teaching method is absolutely phenomenal.

Check out her Instagram and Tiktok and you will understand what I am talking about. Contact her now if you are looking to learn more about how you can improve your dance skills or want to collaborate.

Lastly, help Zahshanne change the dance scene in Karachi one step at a time.


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