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Finding the best sunscreen – sensitive skin 


My skin burns when I put something that is scented on my skin. When I was younger I had white spots on my face and had to go through bullying where I was called a dalmatian (yes children can be cruel). My struggle with the sun started then and it remains. I started my journey to find the best sunscreen for sensitive skin and to be sure I have found it. Because I have tried them you now can just pick the best one for yourself. 

There are natural ways to fight the sun and my favourite yet is aloe vera Buy an aloe vera plant or the gel that says at least 99 percent. Use it every day at night and you will see your skin undo the damage the sun has done. But we can’t just work with a rectifier we need something that will prevent the damage from even happening in the first place. 

Sunblock on the hand is preventative. If you have heard that song that says if I had to give you one piece of advice it would be ‘wear sunscreen’ then you probably realized at a young age how important sunblock actually is. You don’t want to get older and regret the moments you didn’t wear sunscreen cause even aloe vera won’t be able to reverse that damage at that point. 

best sunscreen for dark skin

So let’s get to the fun stuff what is the best sunscreen 

Best sunscreen sensitive skin 

Shiseido Suncare Clear Sunscreen Stick SPF50

Being dark-skinned I didn’t even realize it was possible not to look white once I put on sunblock till I tried the Shiseido Suncare clear sunscreen stick. When you first wear it feels weird since it looks like deodorant and you are putting it on your face. It is completely clear when you put it on your skin it doesn’t show. You don’t even feel it that is how light it is. On top of that, it is not sticky like other sunscreens. It does the job well being SPF 50 which is pretty good for your face. It is to apply and you can carry it around in your purse since it is small and keep reapplying. You don’t even have to get your hands dirty.

If there was sunscreen that I love this would be it! The only downside is that it hurts the pocket. It does last long though I think if you wore it every day for a year it would last since you are using a small amount each time. I would suggest this for dry skin. Some people say you have to put it 4 times to get it on but I think 2 is enough and you can get all the parts.

Clarins Sol Stick Spf 50

The same concept as the Shiseido this might be the second-best one out there for dark sensitive skin. If the Shiseido isn’t available I would go for this. It is a bit cheaper but the quality remains.

Neutrogena Mineral Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Face & Body Stick SPF 50 – With Vitamin E – Sun Protection – Zinc Oxide – 42g, White

How could Neutrogrena stay back in the race of sunscreen sticks? Looking for a cheaper more affordable version then go for this. It might be as amazing but it does the job well and that is what we are looking for. If we all start paying $30-$50 for sunblock we might be broke soon since makeup is also so expensive. This is easy to find at any drug store and is $10.

Super goop 

You can find this anywhere from Walmart to Sephora. It comes in different shades from matte to ultra sheer. Not all of us like the new deodorant style sunscreen and some people can find it unhygienic. If you are looking for a cream version but don’t want to end up looking like a ghost super goop is the brand for you. Their sunscreens are sheer and not sticky. The consistency is amazing so go ahead and buy it.

There is matte, unseen, glow seen so there is a lot to choose from. I am a believer in the unseen. This sunscreen honestly can act like your primer (you are paying the price though for $30). It is oil-free and completely invisible. Other perks are that is light and scent-free (the scent is sensitive skin’s enemy). Honestly, it works on different complexions and is overall great. If you aren’t the deodorant-looking sunscreen fan this is it the sunscreen you need to try. For oily skin, I would suggest super goop.

With this sunscreen, you will look great in photos!

Old school Neutrogena face sunscreen

Honestly, sometimes you don’t want to spend the money or try a stick sunscreen and that is okay. If you are looking for something just to do the job and protect you get the Neutrogena face sunscreen. It is cheap and will save your skin. It is a bit sticky and does have the side effect of making you look white but sometimes all you need is the protect that beautiful face of yours. Neutrogena also has different types now and I would go with ultra-sheer face sunscreen SPF 60 non-greasy and lightweight. Just something about Neutrogena sunscreen gives me stress from looking like a ghost though (is it just me?). Although I have to give it to them in the years they have really improved the game and have increased the options available. 

Neutrogena Suncare Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen SPF 60, Non-Greasy, Lightweight, 88 ml

So always remember to check what type of skin it is for, is it scented, SPF, is it sheer, and if it is for the face. All these are keys to finding the best sunscreen for you. We wish you the best on your journey and hope you find what is right for your skin!

Some more sunblocks to add

Roundly Birch Juice Moisturizing Sun Cream – This is cream based but it is very light

Laneige Hydro UV Defense SPF 50+ – Very moisturising

Josiemaran – Even get Sun Milk SPF 33 – The texture as milky as it says

Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 – This is for people looking for a Tinted moisturiser

Sun block for Dry Skin Under 30 Dollars

Missha All Around Safe Block Essense Sun SPF45/PA+++ 

Lightweight, hydrating and leaves zero cast. Amazing for dry skin!

Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel SPF 50+

Super light weight, free from any alcohol fragrance and once again does not leave white cast

Instree Hyaluronic Acid Airy Sun stick SPF 50+

Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF 50+

This is super hydrating and you know anything that has Aloe in it I am immediately a fan.

The Questions asked about Sunscreen that you are wondering about:

When to put sunscreen? 

Sunscreen should be put under makeup. So wash your face put on your cream and then it is time for your sunscreen. Sunscreens like the Supergoop can act as your primer. Later you can reapply sunscreen after a few hours on top of your makeup. Sunscreens like the stick ones are best for that as they are easy to apply on top of makeup. 

Do I need sunscreen?

Is that even a question to ask! Yes! Everyone needs sunscreen. It might not feel like it right now when you are young and have flawless skin but it catches up to you. And it is not all about beauty you can even get skin cancer so think about that when you ever try to ditch the sunscreen. 

Can sunscreen keep me from getting tanned?

Sunscreen isn’t there to stop you from being tanned. That is not its purpose. It is there to keep a barrier from the sun directly hitting your beautiful face. You might get less tanned from sunscreen and not get sunburnt but it isn’t there for tan protection. Embrace the sun and the beautiful tan it is providing. 

Am I supposed to use sunscreen in winter?

 When you can’t feel the sun directly on your face you might be tempted to ditch sunscreen but honestly, that is when the sun creeps in and gets you. Sunscreen needs to be used 365 days of the year. If there is anything that you have part of your skin routine it needs to be sunscreen. I can not say that enough. It is the best mechanism for anti-aging and will help you ditch the botox when you are older.  

Can I use body sunscreen on the face? 

 There is a reason face sunblock is a different price. It has better products in it. Use it on your face. You can get a drugstore version for the face sunscreen but get one for the face. On your body, you can use the banana boat spray that has been working for years. It is easy to put on and you can keep reapplying and it has the right amount of SPF. 

Does sunblock come off with water and sweat?

Even though some sunscreens say water-resistant and sweat-resistant they still come off after a bit. There is only so much the sunblock can resist. So reapplying is an important feature of putting on the sunblock.

If I am dark do I still need sunscreen

Yes, everyone of every shade needs sunblock. Your skin needs protection from the sun. Once time in Costa Rica I forgot to wear sunscreen and the sun didn’t seem that strong. Until 1 hour later I was burnt. Brown people can get burned too! We aren’t resistant to the sun even if we like to believe we are. So put that sunscreen on every time you step outside!

Comment below and let us know what your favourite sunblock is and why you love it. What are you looking for in your sunscreen?


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