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Technology Trends Revolutionizing the iOS Game Development Industry in 2021


The explosion of technological advancement and the rapid adoption of the latest technologies are dramatically changing the iOS mobile game development industry. As the demand for iOS game development increases, popular IT companies are focusing on iOS game development services.

Today, every second IT industrialist is shifting to iOS game app development. The craze has gone to a higher level. The global gaming market is highly competitive and organizations are providing innovative tools and technologies to provide their customers with unique, cutting-edge platforms. Today, iOS app developers face new challenges to develop unique and modern game solutions. Every year, a new technology, feature, tool, or trend appears in the market. The main goal of any iOS game application development company is to provide an advanced platform that fully meets customers’ needs.

So, in this blog, we bring you the game development trends that will redefine the future of the iOS game development industry. One should take a forward-looking approach to game development and understand the market demand for enhanced user experiences and better outcomes.

iOS Game Development Trends to Follow

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

This technology has become a gaming superpower, allowing users to have a real experience. AR and VR technologies are widespread all over the world and are embraced by all gaming enthusiasts. People have shown a deep interest in modern and emerging technologies, and as a result, the iOS gaming industry will have endless opportunities for game developers in the near future. 

AR and VR technology helps users to experience the real world virtually, and it is the best of them all since it provides a modern feel. The addition of this technology adds elegance to the iOS gaming platform. Only AR/VR developers of a reputable iOS game development company know how to intelligently integrate this latest technology into the platform to provide users with a real-life experience. 


iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to send wireless signals to nearby devices. Using Bluetooth, the beacon sends a unique signal that other smartphones read. Applications that use beacons on the user’s phone will recognize the signal and notify the user. Location-based user information is readily available, making it easy for the gaming industry to create iBeacon games. iBeacon allows you to create proximity-based games, allowing players to find enemies faster. Laser tag games can be more fun if the vest has an iBeacon built-in. Users will receive game-related notifications about interesting deals and favourite products via iBeacon. 

Although limited to apps like At the Ballpark, Proximitask, Be Here, etc. iBeacon is considered as the trump card of Apple Inc. when it comes to gaming. Forward-looking iOS app development companies must keep a close eye on this since this technology has the power to transform the iOS game development industry.

Internet of Things (IoT)

A technology that puts forward an exceptional way to build a network of interconnected computing devices, humans and animals, mechanical and digital devices, separated with different identifications and have an ability to transmit data and information over the network without requiring any interaction between human to human and human to computer. 

IoT is a futuristic technology that is expected to rapidly grow in the market in the upcoming years. Many industries are already leveraging this disruptive technology to enhance their products and services. Similarly, the gaming industry and iOS app developers are widely utilizing IoT technology to develop amazing iOS gaming apps and give mind-blowing gaming experiences to users. If you’ve ever played the Pokemon Go game that means you’ve already experienced the IoT and AR games. This game is the perfect fusion of IoT and AR technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another example of technological advancement in modern society. You may have heard of this before on the Internet or from a renowned mobile game development agency. AI along with Machine technology thinks like a human being. Most iOS game developers use this technology to develop great game applications that provide users with an optimal and immersive gaming experience while playing on their phones.


Currently, iOS mobile apps can use various sensors on the iPhone and iPad, such as pressure and touch sensors, cameras, and accelerometers to collect information and report on user experience. Wearable devices like Airpods and Apple Watch track your health and activity. These wearable devices also interact with iPhones and iPads. In the iOS gaming ecosystem, games that help focus on activity and fitness can be recommended to users as a synergy between wearables and other Apple devices. Wearables are expected to be one of the major drivers shaping the iOS game development industry as apps that combine gaming and fitness are expected to grow over the next decade. Having push notifications and being able to connect to social networks is an advantage.

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Winding Up

These iOS game development trends will reshape the gaming industry. The advancing gaming platform will be a fusion of fantastic and exciting gaming experiences. We hope the dynamic list of technological trends continues to expand with time and the market demand. It’ll be interesting to see the changes ahead. Powerful solutions, new strategies, and appealing technology will emerge to improve future iOS gaming trends. 

AppStudio is a leading mobile app development company, with a decade-long experience in designing and developing games for all of Apple’s offerings by harnessing the power of the latest tech trends. If you’re planning to build some innovative iOS games for your users, approach us with your needs.

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