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Top 10 cheap countries to visit


With gas pricing doubling and the revenge travelling urge within us, everyone is trying to find a place where they can go to enjoy themselves without hurting the bank.It is conflicting to on one hand hear recession, recession, and recession and then think of the 2 years we felt trapped at home. Are we supposed to live for the moment or start saving for the recession? Maybe we don’t have to choose and just need to be a little mindful. That is where the list of top 10 cheap countries to visit comes into place.

Travelling doesn’t mean you hurt the bank. You can enjoy the experience and not hurt our savings. That is why we have a list of 10 cheap countries to visit. See the world on a low budget!

Cheap Countries to Visit – Low Budget is the Way


Turkey country to visit

Europe might sound expensive when you think about it but it doesn’t have to be. Choose somewhere like Turkey where you can get the cobble street but you can also find a kebab for 3 dollars and you will be happy. In Istanbul the food is quite affordable and so are the drinks. You just have to watch out for scams and bargain a little bit. Their economy is in turmoil and their currency is falling so let’s go help them out with some tourism. Turkey has all sorts of landscapes. You might have seen the hot air balloons and beaches (one of the best in Europe). Of all the countries I have visited in my life I would say Turkey is definitely the best. From friendly people, an amazing landscape, and good food. Try to not go during the peak summer season and food on Airbnb. Lessons learned to make sure the Airbnb has good reviews. Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya, Bodrum, and much more. Turkey has it all. From European History, Islamic History, and Natural Beauty.

A blouse from Zara in Canada might cost 50 dollars but in Turkey, you can get it for 30 dollars. Need I say more?

Best things to do in Istanbul
Best things to do in Bodrum


It is a small country and it might not be what you hear on people’s top 10 countries to visit ( I honestly think that needs to change). Western Europe is so hyped up with people wanting to visit France and other more developed countries when the true hidden gem of Europe is in the East. Croatia has cities like Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split. For a cheap stay, I would miss Dubrovnik as it is a tourist trap. Go to split the seafood is cheap and delicious. You can visit smaller islands. Visit national parks like Krka and Plitvice. If you are looking for super cheap travel I would recommend staying in a hostel. The people of Croatia are the friendliest in the world.

The beaches might have rocks instead of sand but you will never see blue-er water than the ones surrounding Croatia.


From Croatia, you can hit up countries like Bosnia and Montenegro. The Bay of Kotor is an old town. It is quite small which might make it expensive in the peak seasons. Budva is the beach town where high fliers go-to party so I would skip that if you are looking for super cheap travel. I visited Kotor and Budva for a day trip and it was amazing.


Did someone say massage? I have never gotten a better massage than in Thailand. They are super cheap and can be found everywhere. Thailand is a country that depends on tourism and they are great hosts to the rest of the world. Whether you are going to Koh Samui, Phuket, Pattaya, or Bangkok for a cheap amount you will have a good time. Eat street food and don’t waste your money at fancy restaurants. Honestly, street food is an authentic experience. Shopping at malls like MK will allow you to buy a lot. The transit is cheap and so is the stay. Those US dollars will get you far in Thailand.

Sri Lanka

Another country that is tanking in the post-pandemic world. Srilanka running out of gas and ink and whatnot. Is a very cheap bet. Sri Lanka is known for being a great host as well. Their beaches are one of the finest in the world and their hillside gives quite the view. Whether you want to pick some tea or take a dip in the ocean Srilanka is where it is at. Their crab curry might be to die for and it won’t hurt your pocket.


When you think of Pakistan you don’t necessarily think of tourism due to safety reasons. But skip out on the main cities and go to the mountain. Home to the 2nd largest mountain in the world K2 Pakistan has mountain sides that well can’t be compared to anywhere else in the world. Having seen the Alps myself I would say that the Karakoram and the Himalayas are something else. If you have seen Hunza you might have gotten a glimpse of Heaven on Earth. Surrounded by mountains on every side from Rakaposhi, Lady Finger, and Ultar there is no better view in the world. Waterfalls where you can take a dip and water so blue in Attabad. Fly straight to Islamabad and then take a flight to Gilgit. There is no untouched beauty in the world like there is in Pakistan. I have visited many cities in my life but the beauty of Hunza is always on my mind. It is unparalleled.

Check out bloggers like Patangeer to see the beauty before you visit.


Indonesia is on every list of cheap budget travel. It is an amazing destination to visit.


cheap country to visit India

Sea, mountains, hillsides, and big cities, and great culture define India. The food is cheap and so is the stay. You can do a lot in India for less amount.


The land of all-inclusive. All-inclusive make trips cheap and safe. You can visit from Canada or US for 1000 dollars all-inclusive. Is there a better deal to be found? Go on off-peak seasons and find the best rates. Taco Tuesday every day! In all-inclusive, there is the benefit of not having to pay for food and drinks which can hit the pocket hard.


Cuba is like Mexico but probably cheaper. The food isn’t as great so if you are a foodie this might not be the place for you.

Cheap Countries to Visit Wrap Up

Gas prices are up which is causing flight prices to rise. On top of that after the pandemic prices are high. So you might have to spend more on flights but that doesn’t mean you have to spend more on living and food. Visit these places and live like a boss on a low budget. You can get a ticket with layovers and get to more countries. Don’t have short layovers because you will end up missing them!


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