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It seems that in 2020-21 each brand and each business has its own application. Even your local coffee shop probably has an app to order a frappuccino at your door or get discounts—every IT entrepreneur who makes a fortune from a successful app every now and then.

Therefore, we have decided to analyze the increasingly real problem of hiring an application developer again. We’ll talk about general advice, such as hiring an app developer and choosing between software companies and freelancers. So, here we go.

Top 4 Options to Hire / Choose an Excellent App Developer

There are different options to hire your perfect application developer. Initially, you can start looking for an app developer through personal connections and recommendations. You can also make good use of the online directories that list app developers like Clutch and GoodFirms.
Now let’s describe the 4 options you can choose from, with their advantages and disadvantages, when hiring app developers Toronto, Hamilton, Canada, and around the world.

Hire Application programmers on a Freelancer Website

When you decide to hire an app developer, these platforms like Upwork, Freelancer.com, Fiverr, etc. These resources typically represent the cheapest application development service, which is the only benefit of this category.
It is recommended that you hire an app developer from an independent platform for short or straightforward term tasks. The biggest problem is the significant communication gap between the independent application developer and the client. Furthermore, all management and the entire monitoring process falls on the customer’s shoulders.
A general recommendation is to always check reviews, technology tests, and completed projects. Note, however, that many may show a hypothetical portfolio, and testing doesn’t always show a bigger picture of the developer’s capabilities.

Employ a Local Boutique Team

Another option that saves you a considerable amount of time for the organizational process is hiring application developers from a local boutique company. This option costs slightly less, but still requires significant investments.

The average rate to hire an app developer in the US varies from $ 100 + per hour. Double this sum by the number of application specialists, and the final bill could total around $ 100,000 + for a small application project.

Employ an In-house Team

The easiest option is to hire an application developer in-house. As per your needs or project, one programmer may not be enough. An app development team usually consists of 5-7 professionals like QA Engineer, Project Manager, iOS and/or Android Mobile App Developers, Backend Developer (Server Side), and Designer UX / UI to cover all the areas necessary to develop A great application.

The benefits are that you can fully control the application development process and have close communication and daily cooperation. In the contrary, this is the most expensive and slowest variant. Consider additional expenses for taxes, equipment, and office space, organizing human resource procedures, and the development process itself.

Services of Experienced App Development Companies

Last but not least, you can turn to dedicated mobile app development teams. These companies provide a complete service from the end of the application project concept to the application’s launch and more support and maintenance.

Simultaneously, depending on the region, these teams can have a perfect correlation between price and quality. Additionally, these companies often have a long history, 10 years of application development outsourcing experience with developers who are in-house employees. Due to stiff competition, they value their reputation, brand, and customers.

Final Words

There is no problem finding an app developer these days. It can be challenging to select the Best app development company in Canada to suit your individual business purposes.
Hiring a dedicated application development team offers many more advantages than hiring an application developer on a separate platform. The latter may seem to be worth the lower price, but a fully covered service with business analytics, project management, design, and ongoing support beats the low cost.
Also, many experienced application development teams are working on outsourcing at an affordable price-quality ratio.

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