Are Birkenstocks worth it? – Find out now


I regret not taking care of my body earlier. I am the type of person that would wear cheap shoes with no support if they looked good. Didn’t they tell us pain is gain? Well, all the ignoring of your body gets back at you when you get older. That’s where shoes like Birkenstock come in and save the day!

Are Birkenstocks worth it?

Arch Support

When I walk I am flat-footed and I bend too much on one side. This has led me to have foot pain and my calves have become tight as well. I was wearing the worst shoes and sometimes exercising without shoes! That is super bad for you. Birkenstock has arch support and allows your foot to be the way it is meant to be. When shoes don’t have support your feet can do whatever they want.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is pain that develops usually in your heel from wear and tear of your feet. It is common in people who walk a lot, run, have high arches or flat feet. It can also happen if you wear shoes with low support. That is when the Birkenstock comes into play. It can help you if you have Plantar Fasciitis and it can even prevent you from getting it if you start wearing them before. 

Molds to your feet 

Everyone Birkenstocks are different so don’t try your friends to decide whether you like them. The more you wear your Birkenstock they start shaping themselves to the shape of your feet. How cool is that? It basically makes the shoe more comfortable and uniquely for you. So give the shoes some time to settle in.

They’re stylish

When they first came out people looked at them as if they were unfashionable. But now they are a fashion statement of their own. It can really pull your daily outfit together when you wear Birkenstocks and they go with everything. Birkenstocks have also taken out so many more styles so there is something for everyone.

They’re durable

Birkenstocks are good-quality shoes that will last you a long period. So they might be expensive but they are worth it because you can wear them for multiple summers.

Owned by the people that own LV and Dior

Talking about fashion did you know that Birkenstock is bought by the same company that owns LV and Dior so that on its own just makes them more fashionable? Who knows they might increase in price in the future and become an exclusive shoe. Get your hands on them now. Honestly, it’s been a bit hard getting them in some stores but that might just be a supply chain issue.

You can take long walks and don’t have to worry in these breathable shoes. I am so excited to have my new pair. All the city walks here I come!

Which shoe should you buy?

I bought the Mayari in Gray and I am in love. There are 10 colours available so a lot of choices. They have thin straps so if the reason you didn’t like Birkenstock is because of the bulkiness these are for you. The straps are delicate yet supportive. 

The Arizona Sandal a classic is also quite nice. I didn’t know if it would be too broad for my foot. But the comfort level was 100 when I tried it.

Arizona Birkenstocks

The Gizeh thong sandals are also stylish and available in many colours.

Now Birkenstock even makes sandals so honestly there is something for everyone. But the Gizeh, Mayari, and Arizona are the most popular and Birkenstock staples.

How much do they cost? – Are Birkenstocks worth it?

Birkenstocks are for $100 to $200 which isn’t bad for the fact that they provide so much comfort and help to your foot. They even come sometimes at Costco at a cheaper price. There are also cheaper versions like Viking available that are supposed to be like Birkenstocks.

Can I wear Birkenstock’s hiking?

Don’t wear Birkenstocks hiking as you want something with ankle support. Also, Birkenstocks don’t have a great grip and you might slip. The inside when wet can be uncomfortable so stick to running shoes for hikes and keep your Birkenstocks for long walks in the city.

Comment below and let us know your answer to are Birkenstocks worth it. 

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