How to make hair soft and silky

How to make hair soft and silky


I went to cut my hair recently and the hairdresser asked me what I do to keep my hair smooth, silky, and shiny. I thought I’d share the trade secret with everyone. Hair is an important feature. We all strive for great hair and it is possible. You just have to take care of your hair. So let’s discuss how to make hair soft and silky.

Tips on how to make hair soft and silky

Don’t overheat

In the pandemic, I haven’t had to go out much. I have used this time to keep my hair natural. I haven’t used a straightener in 15 months. This has changed the way my hair feels. I do use a blow dryer when I have to go out. But I try to limit blow-drying to once a week. When you do plan to use a heated product try to put a heat protection spray.

For normal days when you don’t have to go out immediately skip on the blow-drying.

Stop washing your hair every day

People make the mistake of washing their every day. This makes your hair dry and fall. Limit washing your hair 2-3 times a week. Shower but just don’t wash your hair. At first, your hair will get oily fast but stretch it out as long as possible. Then your hair will get used to it and stop getting oily as fast.

Put Oil in your hair

putting oil to make hair healthy

I have been using the hair saviour oil. I have yet to see the results but the pictures on Instagram of the before and after are just wow. I will update you on the progress once I have used the oil regularly. But use any oil just make sure to use it at least once a week. Coconut oil, mustard oil, or a mix of oil all works great.

Don’t dye your hair unnecessarily

Yeah, streaks and dyed hair look nice but you know what looks better healthy hair. Dyeing too much can kill your hair. So try to avoid it until you find it necessary. I plan to wait till I have white hair to start dyeing. Of course, there is nothing wrong with white hair it is trending and looks amazing as well.

Use natural products

Use natural products such as yogurt and egg on your hair. Yeah, it sounds gross but they are the products that will make your hair shine. Avocado masks work great for the hair as well. Switch it up and every week try out a different natural product.

Trim and cut

cutting hair to make it healthy

You should be cutting your hair every 4 months. You don’t need to chop it all off but getting a trim makes a blow-dry less necessary and gets rid of all the split ends.

Eat healthily

If you eat healthily your hair will be healthy. Your body nourishes based on what you put into it. Your diet will show on your hair.


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