Unplug from technology

Unplug from technology and be present in the now


It has never been as important to unplug from technology as it is now. We are addicted. Even if I have nothing to do on Instagram I will scroll down. I will watch the same videos and again. I don’t even know why I am scrolling. I’ll be staring at my phone even if there is nothing there. When you have an incessant need to look at something and be glued to it then you know you are addicted.

I have seen small kids just glued to the screen as if they are hypnotized. Honestly, that kind of worries me that something can grasp you like that.

I’ll be in a meeting and I’ll have the urge to stare at my phone instead. Going through my phone I’ll suddenly realize that I missed the portion of the meeting. Does your work from home life sound similar? When meetings get longer and we are just there watching our phones seem even more irresistible.

So what can do to unplug from technology?

What is your morning routine?

Like recovering from any addiction, we need to start small and build on how long we can stay away from it. Habits need time to form. My first step has been unplugging at night before I go to sleep. I switch my phone to airplane mode and then don’t switch it back to normal until half an hour after I wake up. This has changed my mornings for the better. If you start your day so haphazard and with such an overdose of information it sets up your day like that. You continue to be on overdrive all day with a scrambled mind. So wake up and make unplugging part of your routine. If you start your morning right the rest of the day will follow suit.

If you want to further discuss morning routine check out our blog.

Do an activity to unplug from technology

When I was kickboxing and in between, there would be a 1-minute break I would reach for my phone. In 5 minutes intervals what could be so important that I was reaching for my phone? I have no idea honestly. I stopped taking my phone out of my bag to get rid of this behaviour. When something is out of sight and you are busy it is going to be out of your mind. If something is flashing at you then you are going to go towards it.

Be present in the now and your current tasks. That can only happen if you put your phone away from you.

Keep your phone Away

Try keeping your phone away from you for at least half an hour in the day. You can start small and build on it. Phones are for emergency purposes and if you don’t have the liberty to do that you can instead turn your notifications for your applications off and stay away from them for half an hour. I have my Instagram notifications off and honestly, it is amazing. It keeps me away from Instagram and has reduced my screen time.

Limit watching Tiktok and Reels

What takes most of my time are videos. Reels and TikToks are never-ending and you can spend the whole day trapped in them. Even if they are useless it is designed to make us keep going forward. This is something we have to consciously fight back. You can still have some fun on these apps but try to set an hour aside for it and only use it during that app.

Same for apps like Tinder you are just swiping for no reason. Even, if you aren’t interested in talking to someone because it has just become something you do. So limit it set a time for it for yourself.

Night routine

Staying away from technology at night is better for you. The light isn’t so sharp on you and your sleep improves. So airplane mode half an hour before you sleep also can do wonders. I know social media for me at night has an impact cause I end up dreaming about whatever I see last. I rather have a peaceful dream so unplugging works best for me. My mind needs the clam and yours does as well.

Questions for Unplug from technology

  • What technology are you addicted to?
  • Can you take a small step to reduce the amount of time you spend?
  • What are your interests outside technology?
  • Think of three things you could be doing with your time if there was no technology?

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