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There is something overwhelming about planning your 30th birthday. It is supposed to be all big and happening and that just gets me stuck as to what I should even do. I am going to brainstorm some ideas with you to help me come up with something I can do. Let’s talk about 30th birthday bash ideas.

30th Birthday Ideas

Birthday BBQ

With summer along the corner, this is the time to get on the BBQing. Have a fun day party with bbq and drinks. The possibilities are endless from having margaritas, sangria, and plain old lemonade. Pop champagne in your backyard to embrace the 30s.

That brings to the question what will you BBQ. Since it’s the big 30 you want to put in some effort. Go for something different. Maybe add lobster? Crab or Shrimp to the menu. If you aren’t a seafood person you can go for Steaks or Ribs!

You can make it fancy by making it a Steak party as well. I am a big fan of burgers as well.

Cottage getaway

Escape for the weekend and celebrate yourself. Go somewhere where there is Lakeview and hikes. You can do bonfires at night. No way better to celebrate yourself than unwinding a little and that is what the cottage is all about. You can decide how many people. Make it a rager or a quiet getaway.

Bungee Jumping

Start your 30s by doing something fun and wild. I have wanted to bungee jump for years and this might finally be the year I take the plunge.

Bar hopping

Make it a wild night and go from one bar to another to find your favourite bar. When there is good weather this is the best thing to do. You can choose a fun street and let the night take you wherever it does.

Weekend trip away

Hit up New York or somewhere close to celebrating yourself. After having so many pandemic birthdays we all deserve a big bang birthday and that is what 30 is all about. It is a milestone!

Dinner and dancing

30 is a new era but it doesn’t mean you can’t go dancing. We skipped out on 2 years of dancing and well this is where to get it back. If you live in Toronto hit up something like Harriet’s rooftop that is classy but allows you to dance.


30s mean accepting a calmer way of life for some and you can start it with just that. Have a fancy dinner and call your close friends. You can share what have been the greatest lessons from your 20s.

Kids party

A splash pad and slide might be the best way to embrace your new kid years. You don’t have to do adult things if you don’t want to have a kid party instead


In some cities especially if you live in Toronto it is still cold so have a bonfire night out. It is cold but warm enough for a bonfire.

Sushi party

Have a caterer come over to make live sushi. They can usually throw in some sushi making lessons as well. Can you get tastier than sushi?


Rent a boat on Muskoka. The water, food, drinks and music what else do you need for a perfect birthday? Let the sun shine on your face.

Comment below and let us know what you like to do to celebrate your birthday. 30th birthday bash ideas should be shared!



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