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Bridal Shower Game Ideas

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Have you been given the responsibility to plan the bridal shower? Do you have no idea where to start when it comes to game planning? Well, there is no need to worry because we got you. We have lots of bridal shower game ideas!

Games, games, games – Bridal shower game ideas

Games are what make the bridal shower fun and different from any other event. 

How well do you know the bride?

Come up with 10 questions about the bride and ask the guests and see who answers the fastest. You can also make this into a jeopardy game but that requires more work. Divide the guests into two groups and have a jeopardy board with different categories and points. There can be topics such as history, hobbies, literature, and so on. You will be surprised how fun and competitive this game can get.

Who said what first

You can send a list of questions to the groom prior to the bridal shower and then ask the bride to answer them. Have a pre-recorded video of the groom or have him write the questions down.

Questions you can ask

  • When did you say I love
  • What was your first date?
  • Do you have a song together
  • Who is a better dance
  • What was your best date
  • When did you know she was the one 
  • What is the groom’s favourite food
  • What is the bride’s favourite date place
  • Who controls the TV remote 
  • Who cooks better food. 
  • What are the bride’s pet peeves 
  • 3 top things the bride loves about the groom
  • Who takes longer to get dressed 
  • What TV show do you both like watching together
  • Who is more likely to say sorry

You can have all sorts of questions. Be sure to send them to the groom beforehand so they have time to answer. If you are going the way of pre-recorded make sure the place you are having the bridal shower at has good internet 

Advice for the Bride

This is a keepsake and words of wisdom from other guests. They don’t have to be married but they can still part some wisdom. Make sure to have a piece of paper and pen for this game. I suggest printing a template on Canva that says Marriage Advice. Have it printed on fancy paper and then get the guests to fill it out. You can keep the advice anonymous or have people read it out in the end.

To make this game more fun you have the bride read out the advice to everyone. Sharing wisdom is always a great idea and everyone gets the learn something fun and new.

What is in your purse

This isn’t necessarily bridal shower-related but it is a fun game to play. Have a list of 20 items and see what people have in their purses.

For example, 1 point if you have a Driver’s License or Credit Card. 10 points if you have a Tweezer and 5 points if you have lipstick. So come up with some obvious things people will have in their purse and some things only a few people will have. 

Making the dress

See who can make a white wedding dress fast with toilet paper. Have a vote to see whose wedding dress is the best styled.

If you like it put a ring on it

bridal shower games

You can give a set of rings to everyone at the beginning and every time someone says anything wedding related one ring is taken away.

Date Night Ideas

Help the bride brainstorm date night ideas. On a piece of paper have everyone write 5 date night ideas. This way the bride can have a list of date nights after the wedding. Have a box to put these ideas into

Ispy challenge

This is usually a game at weddings but you can have it at your bridal shower as well. Have a list of 10 things people need to take a picture of and whoever takes them fastest wins. You can have them put it up with the wedding hashtag as well.

List of things in the Ispy challenge can include

  • The picture with the bride
  • Picture of the decoration
  • The picture with the maid of honour
  • The bride smiling 
  • Everyone playing a game

Polaroid camera fun

Have a Polaroid camera to take pictures of all night and then write a message at the back. This can be a memory box for the bride.

How many bridal shower games should you play?

I think playing around 4 games at a bridal shower is good. You want time for talking and eating as well so don’t try to fit in more than that. Pace out the games a bit and don’t try to rush everything. On the real day go with the flow if something isn’t fitting in the agenda let it go. 

Can bridal shower games be purchased?

Of course, you don’t have to make all the games on your own however if you are looking for cheap ideas you can just make the template on Canva. Try out Etsy if you want already-made crypto casino games.

Comment below and let us know what your favourite bridal shower game is!

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