Embracing imperfection and being our authentic selves


We want to look perfect and act perfect. Everything we do needs to be perfect. But is that really healthy? Is it even possible to be perfect all the time? Are we keeping ourselves away from our dreams because we fear being imperfect? Could embracing imperfection help us out?

Perfectionism in business

Let’s talk about starting a business we procrastinate and delay it so much because we don’t want to put something subpar out there. We use this as an excuse and don’t start what we want. For years I didn’t become a blog writer because I feared everything needed to be perfect. But it is impossible to have everything as perfect and you don’t need it to be perfect.

There is beauty and learning in imperfections. When I look back on this blog 2 years down the line I want to see the blog and see how far I have come. I am learning with each blog I write. That is what the journey is for you don’t start with everything perfect. You do the best you can do at that moment and then hope you improve.

In our head, we think we have one shot at showing everyone our work and we need it to be perfect. But there isn’t only one shot. You get multiple shots and you learn from each shot.

I am not saying submit crap or don’t work hard enough. But I am talking about that excessive fear when we know something is good but we still don’t show it to the world because it is not ‘perfect.’

You don’t start with the best version of your business you get there with time and effort.

Embracing imperfection in our image

We control so much about how we are. For example, the way we sit and the way we speak. We won’t say a certain thing because it won’t go with our perfect image. We put so many barriers on ourselves because we are striving to be something that is impossible to be. Striving to be perfect all the time is impossible and it can get frustrating. There is beauty and authenticity in being imperfect.

What is one thing you have wanted to do and it doesn’t go with your image of being perfect? It can be something small like signing on a Karaoke machine or dancing in public. You will be surprised how much people appreciate authenticity over perfectionism. At first, people might be shocked but with time you will feel comfortable and people around you will feel more connected. They want to know you the real you not the one pretending to be perfect all the time.

If we strive to be perfect all the time we will always be disappointed as we are setting ourselves up for an impossible target.

I used to never raise my hand in class because I thought I needed the answer to be perfect. I was hindering my learning when my goal was to be perfect. Now instead I raise my hand say my answer. What if it’s wrong? I’ll find out the right answer and learn from it. If you stay quiet you miss out on this learning opportunity.

We are missing out on moments

Do you not invite friends over because you think your house needs to be clean all the time. Or you need to cook the perfect meal for them? You are missing out on the moment of enjoying great company with your friends from this fear. Instead, call them over and enjoy the moment.

Dinner meals are never going to be perfect. But we strive for perfection and stress ourselves out. We miss out on the moment and enjoying that time with our friends cause we are too busy trying to strive for something that is impossible to achieve.

There are going to be things that go wrong it could be the dish not turning out as you like it or it could be forgetting something. That is bound to happen sometimes. But is that really that bad?

If that happened to someone else would you think their party is ruined? So why are you being so hard on yourself?

Embracing imperfection in decision making

We get block ourselves from making a decision because we strive to be perfect. But no decision is going to be perfect it is going to be the best you can do at the moment. Your best in the moment is good enough.

Perfectionism in beauty

The beauty standards in today’s world are impossible to reach. We are comparing ourselves to social media filters or touched up pictures. We look at those and don’t feel good enough. But no one is that good. That mark on our face makes you who you are. The stretch mark makes you human. That bulge in your stomach is something most people have. Don’t compare yourself to a filtered posed picture in someone else’s life. Embrace imperfections!


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